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Top Ten Reasons to Read and Love ‘A Christmas Carol’….Plus Other Great Books

A Christmas Carol To help nudge myself into the Christmas spirit, I recently reread Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. It provided everything I could want in a holiday, fireside read and more. I was shocked to discover it had received 10,907 one-star ratings on Goodreads (out of 1,056,409…but still)! This motivated me to write top ten… Continue reading Top Ten Reasons to Read and Love ‘A Christmas Carol’….Plus Other Great Books

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I LOVE the idea of taking part in a blogfest (even if I only found out about it twenty-four hours in advance). I also LOVE writing about a wide range of topics. But writing about an object–and a most cherished one at that–well at first, that just seemed wrong. I have previously written about some… Continue reading BLOGFEST: MY MOST CHERISHED POSSESSION

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Meatless Meals – Bloggers’ Style

Thank you to all who sent in suggestions of their favourite meatless dishes. During the past week, I have given a few of them a try.  Here are the ones that I have attempted so far. Anabel’s Thai Style Coconut Curry Anabel said: “Use lots of vegetables, marinated tofu, coconut milk seasoned with chili, lime,… Continue reading Meatless Meals – Bloggers’ Style

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Dolce Far Niente

I have a dirty little yoga secret. I don’t love savasana. My mind and body refuse to stay quiet. Together they plan and scheme. They want to be doing something…anything but stillness. And that leads me to this post that has refused to be shelved. This past October, I had written the following entry. Then,… Continue reading Dolce Far Niente

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A Christmas Card For You

I’ve been rethinking my Christmas traditions this year. A bit like closet cleaning, I want to ensure that I thoughtfully keep what is meaningful, retire what no longer fits, and make room for new traditions that will add value and substance. When thinking about Christmas cards, I researched the history of Christmas card sending. (Why?… Continue reading A Christmas Card For You