Day 7 – Los Arcos to Logrono (28.2 K): Eugene Levy, the Sandwich Maker

It is said that the ‘Camino provides’, and that it gives each individual the lesson(s) that h/she needs. Although I have begun to chill a bit (well…at least for me), patience is still a virtue to which I can only aspire. Seven kilometers outside of Los Arcos, we reached a small town, Sansol (population: 108). We decided to do a quick stop for a coffee and washroom break. As we reviewed our map, Richard advised that it may be a few hours before we would reach the next town, Viana, where we could have lunch. “Probably prudent to get a sandwich to go,” I suggested aloud. As I can be a bit cranky when hungry, Richard quickly agreed. Back to the counter I went with my order.

Now, imagine if you will, Eugene Levy, in all comedic pantomime splendor attempting to make a sandwich as SLOWLY as humanly possible. This will give you the best possible picture of what ensued. First, he saunters over to the tomatoes, carefully examining each one. Then saunters back to the baguettes — examines the bread, reexamines the tomato, firmly shake his head, and saunters back over to the tomatoes, now choosing a slightly smaller one. He raises his renowned eyebrows and characteristically wrings his hands as if to say “I can’t work under this pressure”. I seriously expected Catherine O’Hara to waltz in anytime! Then he goes back to the bread, slicing slowly. Then washes his knife (for the love of all things holy…it was only bread!) and then even more slowly slices the cheese (insert more aggravating knife washing here) and then the tomato. I wanted to scream! I wanted to jump behind the counter and finish making the sandwich myself. Sensing my impatience only seemed to slow Eugene down further. I gritted my teeth and waited.

When the pantomime show was finally over. I paid for my sandwich, grabbed my hiking poles, nodded to Richard and literally flew down the eleven-kilometer trail, fueled by pent up frustration. Although I did that trail in record time (for me), I also acquired four new blisters. “Slow down, Donna,” I could hear the Camino whisper.

When we finally reached Viana (in plenty of time for lunch), there was a huge Bull Run Festival in progress. We bumped into our Camino Angels there, and because they were ready to leave, they gave us their show-side seats where we had a great view of the festivities!

BTW – The Eugene Levy sandwich was incredibly delicious (fresh baguette, generous layers of thinly sliced cheese, a perfectly chosen tomato, salt, pepper and superior quality olive oil).

Albergue Logrono, Capitan Gallarza, 10 (La Rioja), Tel:941254226, info@alberguelogrono.es We splurged for a private room, 30 euros.


It was always exhilarating to see a new town on the horizon…even though I knew that it meant a steep climb was soon coming!


Bull Run Festivities in Viana


Private room splurge!


Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara, Canadian comedic actors. Photo credit:


6 thoughts on “Day 7 – Los Arcos to Logrono (28.2 K): Eugene Levy, the Sandwich Maker”

  1. I’m not an A-type personality, but that sandwich-making procedure (well-described, btw) would have driven me up the wall! Fortunately, it sounds like it was worth the wait.


    1. Thanks, Janice – it was a delicious sandwich. Despite the Camino helping me to slow down, I don’t think that I could go through that performance again! Thanks for following along.


  2. I have two friends who recently did the trail and it looks to be fabulous! I loved SCTV, but your sandwich making ordeal sounds more like Mr. Bean wrapping the gift in “Love Actually!”


    1. Thanks, Jan – I had forgotten about the Mr. Bean Gift Wrapping Scene. I just watched it again on Youtube. ( It is very funny. My sandwich-maker did look a bit like Eugene Levy, so that helped to make an instant connection for me. Also, quite shockingly, Mr. Bean actually gift-wrapped much more quickly than the Spanish shop owner could make a sandwich!
      I’ve missed your blog posts.


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