Practice Hikes

Richard and I are on the countdown until we begin our whirlwind family and friend tour (Victoria, BC, Kelowna, BC and Lincoln, UK) and then onto our 400 km trek across Tuscany into Rome.  To prepare, we have been packing, unpacking, repacking and adjusting our backpacks trying to make miracles happen. We have also been …

Have you ever been on a Blind Date?

Thank you, Erica, for your very kind words. It was a wonderful surprise to wake up to your post this morning!

Behind the Scenery

I was slightly nervous.  My hands were a little clammy.  I was out of my comfort zone.

I was also curious and looking forward to this Blind Date 

I have had the opportunity to meet many new people in my life.  This was different.  This was a first for me.  I was meeting someone face to face when we had only communicated in cyberspace.  

          Spoiler alert:  Donna is even nicer and more interesting In Real Life!


Donna   Retirement Reflections  and I initially met last Fall, when I was reading anniversary stories on WordPress blogs.  I was deeply moved by her beautiful letter to her husband, a gift of words.   ALove Letter    When I found out that Donna and Richard lived on Vancouver Island, I knew we were…

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Grammy’s Grid

Thank you to Dee for featuring me today in her Blogging Grandmother Series. It has been a pleasure to participate. At times, it was an eye-opener to reread what I wrote just a few short months ago. Dee and I would both appreciate it if you would stop by and visit her site. You can …


The unique and varied paths which lead us to individual bloggers whom we follow are often far from straightforward.  Several local bloggers whom I follow, I met via bloggers in Australia or the UK. Recently, I had the chance to meet up with fellow Vancouver Island blogger, Erica from Behind the Scenery. We follow many …

Language Lessons

Richard and I are currently taking Italian lessons in preparation for our upcoming hiking trip in Italy. Blame it on too many traumatic high school French classes...but Richard did need to be gently coaxed (read here: DRAGGED kicking and screaming) to join me in this course. Despite this initial setback, we are enjoying our studies, …

The Camino Trail: Convertible Pants, and other Packing Tips

I recently had a conversation with another hiker about convertible pants. Yup, the ones with the horizontal zipper (or Velcro strip) allowing the pants to instantly become shorts. Attractive, right?  She said that they are a fashion faux pas and must NEVER be worn….not even on the Camino. I said that I would not do …