What’s On Your Plate this October? Five Ingredient Immune Boosting Soup.

Looking for a quick, easy, healthy lunch with ingredients that you most likely have in your fridge, freezer and pantry? This was me recently when we returned from five weeks away, and I didn't feel like going to the store. Got frozen veggies, lentils, tomatoes, onion and soup broth (or reasonable substitutes)? Then you've got… Continue reading What’s On Your Plate this October? Five Ingredient Immune Boosting Soup.

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What’s On My Plate: A Divisive Issue

Recently, there has been much online debate over the flood of personal food pics on social media. This caused me some reflection. As my long-suffering husband will gladly confirm, I take heaps of food photos. Once when it was suggested he keep a food diary to deal with a potential allergy, he said, "I don't… Continue reading What’s On My Plate: A Divisive Issue


What’s on Your Bookshelf? August Edition.

Source: Netgalley.comAuthor: Boobie BillieBook's Blurb: When Boobie Billie launched her Instagram Account in December 2019, she was just a dog standing in front of the world asking to wear more colour.My Rating: ****My Review: If you are looking for a fast, fun read that may differ from your usual fare, I highly recommend Becoming Fabulous (scheduled for… Continue reading What’s on Your Bookshelf? August Edition.

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The Other Day, I Met A Bear

For starters, let's put the tune in your head. Then feel free to sing along! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJaogCkEcqk The other day, I met a bear,Up in the woods, A way up there. He looked at me, I looked at him,He sized up me, I sized up him. He said to me, "why don't you run?"I see you… Continue reading The Other Day, I Met A Bear


Goodness Spreading

.       Thank you to Vero and this months’ ‘Bloggers with a View’ participants for helping to spread some extra goodness. Goodness truly is all around us. Be sure to click on the My French Chronicles link to watch the quick video. Enjoy!

My French Chronicles

March 2021… We’ve made it! More or less one whole year of COVID!

As the world continues to grapple with coronavirus pandemic, some countries seem to have it under control (well done New Zealand, Australia, Singapore…). As far as France is concerned we’re still deep into restrictive measures and sinister perspectives!

But thanks to blogging and social media, I’ve managed to keep my window open to the world. The little videos we’ve put together with Bloggers With a View helped me greatly (keeping me busy with filming, editing, and interacting).

For the last vlog of this epic winter 2021, I wanted to focus on what’s good in our lives. I’ve asked our little community to show me what “goodness” meant these days.

I hope you’ll like the next 3 minutes. They are filled with snowy fun days, sunny coastal walks, plenty of outdoors happiness and also gratefulness for those who…

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