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Tuesday’s Trails: Incredible Views, New Discoveries and a Local Hero

We have continued our habit of hiking a different route each day. This week's trails included incredibly diverse paths, some that we visited for the first time, and others that were old, familiar friends. Our adventures led to new information, new learning and new reasons to be grateful. Boyle Point Park, Denman IslandVirginia and Sun… Continue reading Tuesday’s Trails: Incredible Views, New Discoveries and a Local Hero


Saturday Kitchen: Destination Canada

I’m delighted to share this post written by my Australian friend, Jo, ‘The Hungry Writer.’ Oh, and for a bit of ambience, here’s a quick clip to set the mood.
What must-experience Canadian dishes would you add to her list?

And Anyways...

(Nearly) every Wednesday night we draw a cuisine or a theme from the “Decision Bowl” and (nearly) every Saturday night we cook it. Once a month (or so) I’ll pick one to tell you about. Welcome to Saturday Kitchen

When Grant opened the little piece of paper that read “Canada” he tried to fold it up and put it back in the bowl before Sarah and I noticed.

‘What’s it say?’ I asked.

‘Canada,’ he said.

‘Cool,’ I said.

‘I don’t know how I feel about that,’ said Sarah.

‘There’s nothing you can cook for Canada so I might as well put it back in,’ he said.

‘There’s heaps I can cook. There’s pecan pie and pumpkin pie and heaps of other things I’m sure.’

‘I don’t like pecan or pumpkin pie,’ said Sarah.

‘How do you know?’ I asked.

When Grant continued to look sceptical, I said, ‘You…

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