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What’s Been On Your Calendar in February, 2023?

What have you been up to this past month? Here's what's been happening in my corner of the world. Travel: LV: Richard and I spent the first week of February in Las Vegas, staying at The Strat (package deal with AirCanada). Despite the hotel's mixed (but extremely witty) reviews, we found it comfortable and hassle-free. As… Continue reading What’s Been On Your Calendar in February, 2023?

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What’s Been On Your Calendar – January 2023?

New Beginnings: I love the start of the new year. It is full of hope and promise. That makes it an excellent time to focus on how we would like our year to flow. As we are almost an entire month in, it's also a perfect time for reflection and sharing. So here are my… Continue reading What’s Been On Your Calendar – January 2023?

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Word of the Year – Six-Month Review

This past January, I set 'Peace' as my Word of the Year (WOTY). My goal was to focus on simple ways to bring peace to others as well as to myself. So, how am I doing six months after setting this intention? Please join me in a candid review (gulp here). Reading On the top… Continue reading Word of the Year – Six-Month Review

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The Travelling Book of Inner Peace

Early last week, I packaged up three copies of The Little Book of Inner Peace (by Ashley Davies Bush) and mailed them to three different countries (including Canada). My intention was to begin a 'Travelling Ripple of Peace.' Inside each book, I affixed the following note: The Travelling Book of Inner Peace "This is the Travelling… Continue reading The Travelling Book of Inner Peace

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“Who Even Reads Books Anymore?”

The above question was overheard in a Vancouver Island coffee shop during a blustering snowstorm. A young female barista and a middle-aged male customer bantered how they each might spend their snowed-in weekend. This question (actually, I believe it was a statement) surprised me. I began to wonder how many others would feel the same.… Continue reading “Who Even Reads Books Anymore?”

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“All The Time In The World”

What what you do if you had all of the time in the world? Using the backdrop of our recent synchronistic camping adventure, Erica of Behind The Scenery, reflects brilliantly on this question. Be sure to watch her slide show with soul-inspiring music. It will immediately transport you to the calming beaches of Tofino, BC. See you there!

Behind the Scenery

A Compelling, Life-changing Film

West Coast Vancouver Island, Pacific Rim National Park

I have purchased only one documentary in my entire life.

“All The Time In The World” by filmmaker, Suzanne Crocker.

Winner of 22 Awards from around the world, including Most Popular Canadian Documentary at the Vancouver International Film Festival in 2014.

Ocean life at Green Point Campground, West Coast Vancouver Island, May 2021

Why Did This Story Catch My Attention?

Friend and Blogging Buddy, Deb, (Widow Badass)

Deb, Richard, (Donna’s husband) & Donna – Friends and Blogging Buddies “Widow Badass” and “Retirement Reflections”

Suzanne Crocker and her husband take their three children, ages 10, 8 and 4 to live off the grid for nine months in the Yukon wilderness.

  • They live in a small cabin with no road access.
  • No technology, no phone, no electricity, no watches, no internet, no running water.
  • Stunning photography.
  • Inspirational insights and…

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What’s On Your Plate — Bowl of Hope To Go

What's been on my plate recently: Vegetarian Minestrone Soup served in beautiful ceramic bowls. The soup was prepared by The Salvation Army (Parksville). The bowls were handmade and donated by The Arrowsmith Potters Guild. This was part of the Bowl of Hope To Go Virtual Fundraiser that recently took place on May 28, World Hunger… Continue reading What’s On Your Plate — Bowl of Hope To Go

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Six Favourite Photographs: #SundayStills Black & White Edition

One of the things that has helped keep me sane (or at least slightly more sane) during our various stages of lockdown has been connecting with friends and family virtually. Two of these digital meetups take place weekly with fellow bloggers. In both cases, we take turns kicking off a guiding question for the week,… Continue reading Six Favourite Photographs: #SundayStills Black & White Edition