Encouraging Online Reader Discussion

Recently, the co-organizer of my local WordPress Meet Up Group asked if I would give a short presentation on encouraging online reader discussion. I immediately turned to Google. There I found many contradictory strategies . I have sifted through these suggestions, and have included the ones that have worked for me, along with my own… Continue reading Encouraging Online Reader Discussion

Summer Series
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Summer Series: Favorite Retirement/Lifestyle Bloggers

The Joys of Blogging So far on this site, I have written a fair amount about blogging. If you are passionate about on-line writing (either as a reader, a writer or both), you know how blogging can take hold of you and fill a void that you never realized you had. The real-time sharing of… Continue reading Summer Series: Favorite Retirement/Lifestyle Bloggers

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“It Always Seems Impossible Until it is Done” (Nelson Mandela)

Last January 1st I made a single New Year's resolution. I resolved to begin a blog containing my reflections as I transitioned into retirement. When I first moved to Beijing in 2001, I started a small journal that I emailed to friends and family. I, unfortunately, didn't maintain that log for long, and always wished… Continue reading “It Always Seems Impossible Until it is Done” (Nelson Mandela)

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Meeting Gideon Sock Puppet

I follow a delightful blog called "Dr. Sock Writes Here" by Gideon Sock Puppet. Immediately, I was intrigued by the name (which I never could figure out)! Once inside, I found intelligent and whimsical posts ranging on diverse topics of writing, painting, researching, teaching, skiing, gardening, cooking, hiking, literature and turning name only a… Continue reading Meeting Gideon Sock Puppet

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What Do Retirement Bloggers Look Like?

I've been striving to keep myself busy. Daily yoga, lots of time with friends and family, and my on-line blogging course have been key activities. I initially felt like an anomaly in my course, as all other participants were younger, and most were focused on design. Despite being totally out of my comfort zone, I… Continue reading What Do Retirement Bloggers Look Like?

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Reflections on Retirement – One Year In

This past week, I hit the one-year mark both of being officially retired and of living back in Canada. With a full year behind me, has it been all that I anticipated? Yes and no--in equal measures. I remember a conversation that I had with one of my daughter-in-laws the day that we arrived back… Continue reading Reflections on Retirement – One Year In