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Second Acts & Self-Reinvention

Way back in January, when threats of the 'new Coronavirus' barely registered for most of us, Leanne Le Cras asked me to write a guest post for her blog. Her focus was on what positive things I had been doing in my 'second act' (aka, life post-50). Little did I realize at the time, that my answers… Continue reading Second Acts & Self-Reinvention

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Would You Rather…?

Thank you to author and blogger, Jill Weatherholt, for inviting me to play ‘Would You Rather.’ I encourage you to visit her site to check out not only my answers but the answers of other bloggers as well (some had me laughing for quite a while)!

I look forward to seeing you there!

Jill Weatherholt

Today, I’m excited to welcome fellow blogger, Donna Connolly. Many of you know her, but if you haven’t checked out her blog, I encourage you to do so. Not only does she write captivating content, she’s a wonderful photographer, too. I’m so happy our paths have crossed. Her sweet smile is guaranteed to brighten up any blog she visits. She’s here to play “would you rather.” I think you’ll enjoy her answers as much as I did. Welcome, Donna!

Would you rather live in the middle of nowhere, with no people or stores within a 10-mile radius, or live in a busy city?

Local scenery.

I currently live in a small, oceanside town on Vancouver Island. V.I. was recently declared by CNN as one of the “top 20 places in the world to visit”. I (very biasedly) agree with their ranking.

Our small corner of this diverse area is…

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A Quest for Healthier Eating

When Sue recently asked me to share my top tip for ageing and living well, I thought this post would be a cinch. As it turned out - not so much! Richard and I are currently on a quest for healthier eating. So far, I have more questions than answers. In my guest post for… Continue reading A Quest for Healthier Eating

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My Interview at ‘Loving the Fifty Something’

I was delighted to be interviewed at Loving the Fifty Something for the 'Incredible Over 50' Series.' (In my case, that's well over 50!)  This series focuses on embracing every chapter of our lives with a view toward positivity, relationships, fitness, and giving back. I would be delighted if you would drop by, have a read...and linger… Continue reading My Interview at ‘Loving the Fifty Something’

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Never Let Yourself Get Too Lonely

Thank you to Sue, from Sizzling Toward 60 & Beyond, for inviting me to take part in her Aging Well in August series.  A wide variety of factors contribute to aging well. In this series, Sue covers 31 ways to help us focus on positive aging this August. I invite you to pop over to… Continue reading Never Let Yourself Get Too Lonely

Retirementally Challenged
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Please Join Me at Retirementally Challenged

Thank you to Janis from Retirementally Challenged for inviting me to Guest Host on her site. It is an honour to be part of her first Guest Host Series. Since the weather is good and Mother Nature is in all of her glory, why not join me for a Spring Garden Tour on Vancouver Island?… Continue reading Please Join Me at Retirementally Challenged

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Shallow Reflections’ Guest Post: Molly’s Updated Plans for Semi-Retirement

From Retirement Reflections: I am delighted to have author Molly Stevens join us again as a Guest Host. Molly has provided us with an update on how her goals for Semi-Retirement have been going. Whatever your stage of life, some of her "accomplishments" may sound familiar. Welcome back, Molly! I rescinded my resignation last September,… Continue reading Shallow Reflections’ Guest Post: Molly’s Updated Plans for Semi-Retirement