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Please Join Me at Retirementally Challenged

Thank you to Janis from Retirementally Challenged for inviting me to Guest Host on her site. It is an honour to be part of her first Guest Host Series. Since the weather is good and Mother Nature is in all of her glory, why not join me for a Spring Garden Tour on Vancouver Island?… Continue reading Please Join Me at Retirementally Challenged

'Flying Phil'
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A Local Hero in Our Midst

Earlier this week, I published a Guest Post by Anabel Marsh on ‘Hidden Histories.’ Her thoughtful, provocative post led to much reflection, including “Who does your town/city honour?’ It’s a great question. Vancouver Island, where I currently live, is home to influential and well-known actors, artists, athletes, journalists, musicians, philanthropists, politicians, Prime Ministers, scientists, Nobel… Continue reading A Local Hero in Our Midst

Vancouver Island

Dear Vancouver Island….

I love you Vancouver Island. Truly I do. Although sometimes you behave like a ‘bad-boyfriend’...a really bad one! When I met you, many summers ago, you were charming like no other. I was smitten. When we began to go steady in the summer of 2013, our relationship sparkled with promise. When I moved in during… Continue reading Dear Vancouver Island….

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Enter If You Dare!!

When hiking the trails at Cameron Lake, on Vancouver Island, I came across several old cabins which made me pose the questions: Would you enter? Or dare peek inside? Uninvited? Today? Even if you knew that hauntings, the ghost of Grandpa Bonney, the Cameron Lake Monster and Sasquatch sightings have all been reported in this… Continue reading Enter If You Dare!!

Vancouver Island

A Walk in the Hood

My friend, Louise, has a house and family in California. Still, she returns to Vancouver Island for a few months every year.  "It's the small towns out here that continue to lure me back," Louise has frequently proclaimed. "There's just so much going many cool things to try out....It's never boring!" Photo Credit Today… Continue reading A Walk in the Hood

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Hope for the Driven Personality

In the time leading up to my retirement, if I had been given a dollar every time someone expressed disbelief that I would actually be content not working, I could have retired much earlier. “But WHAT will you do?” and “Aren’t you afraid of being bored?” were common questions. Focussed, organized, passionate and diligent, the… Continue reading Hope for the Driven Personality