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#SundayStills: Parallel Landscapes

This past January 5, I began walking the 299.4 km Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Ironically, I didn't give this challenge much thought before starting. I just kind of jumped right in. (I know, who is this and what have I done with Donna-the-planner?!) Below are a few postcards that I somehow managed… Continue reading #SundayStills: Parallel Landscapes

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Sunday Stills: I’ve Looked at Clouds that Way

How do you view clouds? Are they the main event? Craig Bay, Parksville, Vancouver Island, BC. Or are they in the background as surround sound? Qualicum Beach Airport, Vancouver Island, BC. Do they upstage a more interesting story? Coombs Trail, Vancouver Island, BC Or are they far more subtle? Quadra Island, BC Let's ask Joni.… Continue reading Sunday Stills: I’ve Looked at Clouds that Way

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Desperately Seeking Glacier Blue

This week, at #SundayStills, a colour challenge was posed: "Find and photograph glacier blue."According to http://www.classiccolors.com, glacier blue "reminds you of deep, arctic waters. Unlike warm, turquoise waters at tropical beaches, this blue water is light but looks cold. You could almost imagine the chunks of ice floating in it. This cool, greyish blue has… Continue reading Desperately Seeking Glacier Blue

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When a Blogging Buddy Comes to Call

What do you do when a blogging buddy comes to call? You gather together nearby blogging friends so that everyone can join in the fun. Cardboard cutouts of Zoom Buddies, who sadly could not make this trip, are also packed along! You go chasing waterfalls... Even when it's raining! You search for the famous Jack… Continue reading When a Blogging Buddy Comes to Call

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52 Hikes in 52 Days… Done!

The End of Our Challenge: Richard and I have now completed (and exceeded) our hiking target. We would never have predicted that we'd extend our goal to #52 days. Hiking a new trail each morning quickly became a habit. We soon realized that it would take us significantly more than #100hikesin100days to run out of… Continue reading 52 Hikes in 52 Days… Done!

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Tuesday’s Trails: Incredible Views, New Discoveries and a Local Hero

We have continued our habit of hiking a different route each day. This week's trails included incredibly diverse paths, some that we visited for the first time, and others that were old, familiar friends. Our adventures led to new information, new learning and new reasons to be grateful. Boyle Point Park, Denman IslandVirginia and Sun… Continue reading Tuesday’s Trails: Incredible Views, New Discoveries and a Local Hero

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Reflections on Our 30-Day Hiking Challenge

Last week, I promised a reflective wrap-up to our #30hikesin30days. This reflection has proved to be harder than I initially assumed. This was not due to a lack of takeaways received from our endeavours -- quite the opposite. I have had so many thoughts swirling around in my mind that it has been difficult to… Continue reading Reflections on Our 30-Day Hiking Challenge

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Day 30: Pub-to-Pub Hike or Bust!

Distance Walked: 9.14 km Walking Time: 2.5 hrs Pubs: Mount Arrowsmith Brewing Company and The Black Goose Inn Route: Easy Richard and I had unanimously agreed that the final day of our #30hikesin30days Challenge should be the Oyster River Pub-to-Pub Hike near Courtney, BC. What a perfect way to walk and celebrate at the same… Continue reading Day 30: Pub-to-Pub Hike or Bust!