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Thank You For Your Vote

Thank you to all who have cast their votes for the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards (ABBAs). Voting closes tomorrow, April 30 (midnight BST, 4 pm in Vancouver). There are nine categories for awards: Best Overall Blogger, Funniest Blogger, Most Inspirational Blogger, Most Informative Blogger, Best Book Review Blog, Services to Bloggers, Hidden Gem, Newcomer Blogger… Continue reading Thank You For Your Vote

A to Z
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A to Z Challenge: Day Seven – “G”

'G' is for 'Gratitude'...and 'Gold Stars.' I have long-often joked about my enchantment with gold stars. I love how they symbolize our appreciation for each other. Yesterday morning, I awoke to an email (and then other social media messages) that said I had been nominated in the category of 'Best Overall Blogger' for The Annual… Continue reading A to Z Challenge: Day Seven – “G”