Bloggers Bash

Thank You For Your Vote

Thank you to all who have cast their votes for the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards (ABBAs).

Voting closes tomorrow, April 30 (midnight BST, 4 pm in Vancouver).

There are nine categories for awards: Best Overall Blogger, Funniest Blogger, Most Inspirational Blogger, Most Informative Blogger, Best Book Review Blog, Services to Bloggers, Hidden Gem, Newcomer Blogger and Best Pal.

Over 400 nominations were initially received. This has been narrowed down so that each category now contains 11 – 26 nominees. I am honoured and grateful to have been included in the Best Overall Blogger category.

If you have not yet had a chance to vote, the other nominees and I would be grateful for your time and support.

If the clickable voting squares do not show on your page (this happened to me when using Firefox), please try a different browser.

Please click here to vote.

Good luck to all nominees!

40 thoughts on “Thank You For Your Vote”

  1. Like I’ve said elsewhere I’m rather bitter about this whole Blogger Bash Awards thing. 😉 I show up, I write the blog, I comment everywhere, but am I included? Heavens no! Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

    That being said, what color will my gown be for your wedding? No doubt you’ll win in your category– and I’ll be happy about it. [And yes I’ve voted.] 👍


    1. Hi, Ally – Your blog is outstanding on all levels. That’s not just my opinion. Your (literally) hundreds of regular commenters and readers prove this on every post that you publish. I’ve learned a great deal about blogging from you — and continue to do so. Thank you for this mentorship.


      1. You flatter me, Donna. I’m just kind of here, for those bloggers who find me. Best of luck in this competition. It’s been rather fun to watch.

        [Also the WP system now shows me that you’ve responded to my comment, shows me your response, BUT doesn’t allow me to reply back to you. Just a fyi, I have no idea what’s up with that.]


      2. Hi, Ally – Not flattery — just the truth.
        And thank you for the info on my WP comment feature. It has been a true thorn in my side!! How does it show you that I’ve responded to your comments? Does it send you an email notification?


      3. I don’t get an email from you [or anyone] when you respond to a comment I leave on your blog. On my WP dashboard in the upper right corner there is a little white bell that shows a red dot when anyone responds to any comment I’ve left on any WP blog.

        From that place on my dashboard I can then [if I chose to] like the response OR reply to it directly. That’s what is not working with your account on my end of things.

        To reply to you I have to visit your blog again, as I am doing now. I don’t mind this, BUT not everyone will take the time to come back here AND [obviously] the system is making threaded conversations difficult.

        I don’t know why, but I know what is. [My life in a nutshell!]


      4. Hi, Ally – I just found out the answer to your question. (Yes, perseverance is often my Middle Name)! This just in from WordPress:

        “Reader Comments currently only work for sites. For Jetpack sites like yours, readers will need to click through to your site to comment. We’re looking at the possibility of adding this in the Reader for Jetpack sites in future, but at the moment it’s not possible.”

        Sounds like blatant prejudice to me. And to think that i pay extra to be treated as second class! 😦


      5. Well, that’s the answer, but REALLY? Pay more, get less? I tell ‘ya, if it ain’t one thing, it’s another. However, it’s great that you found the answer…


    1. Hi, Sue – And good luck to you for ‘Best Content’ blogger. Fingers crossed!

      BTW – My spam filter has settled down with only one regular reader being abolished to my Spam Folder. Unfortunately, that reader is you. Have any other bloggers that you follow mentioned this? If not, I will try to figure out why this is happening from my side.


      1. I’m just happy to get nominated and don’t expect to win but it is exciting! Oh dear! No I haven’t had anyone else tell me that. However, sometimes I get my regular bloggers going into my junk??? BTW sometimes when I try to comment on your posts through reader they fail and I have to visit via the website. It’s crazy! Have a great week xx


      2. Hi, Sue – This comment went into my spam folder again. If this is not happening to you on any other sites, i will try to see if there is an issue on this end.
        Thank you for mentioning that you cannot comment on my blog on Reader. Ally mentioned the same thing. I will go into my settings now and see if I had unclicked something by mistake. If not, I will add it to my (growing) list of questions for WordPress.
        BTW – You are the definite winner in my mind!


      3. You are a little biased my friend but I love you for it. The technical side of blogging can do my head in sometimes! I just tried again through but no luck. I don’t like being abolished so hope you can find out what the problem is. LOL:)


      4. Hi, Sue – As I just replied to Ally above, because I am self-hosted and use Jetpack, WP does not allow users to comment via Reader, they must go directly to my site. (Insert the visual of me banging my head against the wall once again)!! Sorry about this.


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