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A to Z Challenge: Day Seven – “G”

‘G’ is for ‘Gratitude’…and ‘Gold Stars.’

I have long-often joked about my enchantment with gold stars. I love how they symbolize our appreciation for each other.

Yesterday morning, I awoke to an email (and then other social media messages) that said I had been nominated in the category of ‘Best Overall Blogger’ for The Annual Bloggers Bash Awards (ABBAs). I was taken aback. I hadn’t ever considered the possibility of being nominated.

It amazes me that a small blog I began in January 2016, to document my retirement, has become part of an online community where like-minded thinkers from around the world share, challenge, inspire and support each other. When I’ve thought of giving up blogging, this community has always kept me going. When I wonder why I take on seemingly overwhelming challenges (like joining ‘A to Z!’), once again the support from readers and other bloggers quickly reminds me why.

Anyone can vote for the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards. You do not need to be a blogger. This year’s categories are: Best Overall Blogger, Funniest Blogger, Most Inspirational Blogger, Most Informative Blogger, Best Book Review Blog, Service to Bloggers, Hidden Gem and Best Pal.

Voting is easy and only takes a minute. I know that all nominees (including me) would love for you to share your feedback. This poll closes April 30. Please click here to cast your vote.

Thank you to all who make these awards, and this event, happen. Your hard work and efforts make a huge difference to many.


Bloggers Bash

50 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: Day Seven – “G””

  1. Congratulations to you Donna and so deserved. Blogging has changed my world that’s for sure. All the best to you and all the other awesome bloggers nominated.


    1. Thanks, Karen – I think so too! I am enjoying watching new adventures unfold — and expanding my definition of “adventure”. Thank you for following — and for your kind words. I greatly appreciate both!


    1. Thanks, Karen – There is so much that I have discovered about blogging, that I had never considered when I first began to blog. The connection with so many generous, supportive and like-minded people around the world has been truly incredible!


  2. Good luck to you. Great that you’ve been recognized. Gold stars are coming your way. Grateful that I know you! [That’s about all the “G” words that I can think of here.]


    1. Hi, Tom – ‘Google’ would have been a great idea! As we had a Trivia Pursuit Evening planned with a group of friends for this evening, I first thought that my ‘G’ word might be for being part of the ‘Gang.’ As we are also going to an ‘Earthquake Talk’ today, I then thought my ‘G’ word might be ‘(A) Gallon a Day’ (recommended amount of water per person for at least three days for an Earth Quake Emergency Kit). But then ‘Gratitude’ and ‘Gold Stars’ completely took over. Writing daily and ‘on the fly’ is new for me. It’s surprisingly addictive!


  3. Love all your possible “G” words… games, gang of friends, google, gallons of water, gold stars, gratitude… and gold stars is very much unique for you! Congrats on the nomination.


    1. Thanks, Susan – I am greatly enjoying your series as well. It’s like learning from a favourite professor…with knowledge served in thought-provoking, bite-sized pieces! I look forward to reading about Grounded Lilith!


  4. Congrats again! I would have voted for you multiple times, but they stopped me at one 🙂 . I am Grateful to know you, Glad that we’ve had several opportunities to meet face-to-face (and again next fall), and Gaga about your nomination. Now my “G” word is Good Luck for the win (but you’ll always be a winner to me no matter what).


  5. The development of a community of bloggers didn’t just happen by chance. You have worked really hard to create and contribute to this community. Some of the things you have done to pull this community together are: inviting your readers to be guest bloggers on your site; responding in a positive, upbeat way to every single comment on your blog; reading and commenting on the blogs of all of your readers; providing a blogroll listing other great blogs; providing content that is personal and relatable; and paying attention to the visual and design elements of your blog. Thanks for all of this.



  6. Woohoo!!! I’m so excited and thrilled for you Donna – you are very deserving of the nomination! All the very best of luck to you with the voting process, and don’t forget I’ll be there this year and can cheer loudly when your name is read out 🙂 xx


    1. Hi, Debbie – I am sooooo jealous that you are able to attend. I have ‘The Bash’ on my Bucket List for 2019! Thank you for your vote of confidence!. It means a lot to me.
      Congratulations to you and Melanie for your nominations. I have voted for both of you…and have encouraged my friends and family to do the same!


  7. It’s lovely that you have been awarded a gold star and I’m so happy for you – as soon as I saw your name in the nominations I hit the button to vote for you (and then found a few others I knew in other categories that I voted for too) Well deserved my friend!

    Leanne | http://www.crestingthehill.com.au
    G for Give More


  8. Hi Donna – I agree with Jude’s comment above. You approach blogging with gusto and deserve Gold Stars for your efforts. Glad to see your nomination and I voted right away. Grateful to have found your blog and you’re Canadian, woohoo! Go Canada Go! Good luck in the voting.


  9. Congratulations on the nomination! It’s so exciting to even be included in such an amazing category and to be nominated by peers and other bloggers. I’m also enjoying finding new and unfamiliar blogs to browse through!


  10. I love getting gold stars too Donna! Congratulations on your nomination which is so well deserved. You always inspire me especially about enjoying retirement and I get some great ideas from you. I’ve voted for you and good luck! I look forward to your next instalment in AtoZ. It really is a challenge to get something written each day isn’t it?


    1. Hi, Sue – Congratulations to you on your nomination for ‘Most Informative (Original Content) Blogger.’ Very well deserved!!
      Thank you for your kind words and support. I greatly appreciate it.
      You are totally correct about the challenge — inspiring and exhausting at the same time. 19 days to go for me — 18 for you!


  11. Hello Donna

    Congratulations on your nomination. I agree, this blogging community is amazingly supportive.
    Please forgive me. I’ve not been able to keep up with your daily A to Z posts, but I want to see them all. So, I decided to start where I left off at the letter “G” I’m hoping to get caught up today. I’m excited to see how this turns out for you

    Good Luck


    1. Hi, Laura – I really appreciate your support. I completely understand how overwhelming the A to Z posts can be to follow. Any that you read are greatly appreciated! I am enjoying your site as well and am learning a great deal!


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