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What WordPress Neglected to Tell Me

Almost six years ago, when I pressed 'send' on my first blog post, I knew no one in the following photo (except for Richard and myself, of course). WordPress gave me no hint about the amazing friendships that were soon to develop. Blogging buddies and spouses (now simply called 'friends'), The Black Goose Inn, Parksville,… Continue reading What WordPress Neglected to Tell Me

Blogging, Friendship, Vancouver Island

Silent Sunday: Protection Island

Q: What happens when three bloggers (plus their spouses) get together? A: It's anything but silent! Below are pics of Janis (Retirementally Challenged), Kathy (Smart Living 365), me and our husbands spending a delightful afternoon on Protection Island (officially part of Nanaimo, BC). You can learn more about Protection Island here, here and here. Stay… Continue reading Silent Sunday: Protection Island



Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this series. I've greatly appreciated the generosity and thoughtfulness of the tips shared. I've tried to include as many of the suggestions as possible (without overwhelming your inboxes). Again, some of the ideas have been paraphrased. For more blogging strategies and details, please check out the comment… Continue reading BLOGGING TIPS WRAP UP

Blogging, Friendship, Vancouver Island

When a Blogging Buddy Comes to Call

What do you do when a blogging buddy comes to call? You gather together nearby blogging friends so that everyone can join in the fun. Cardboard cutouts of Zoom Buddies, who sadly could not make this trip, are also packed along! You go chasing waterfalls... Even when it's raining! You search for the famous Jack… Continue reading When a Blogging Buddy Comes to Call