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Walktober — Holland Creek Trail

  Holland Creek Trail, in Ladysmith, BC, has been on my bucket list for quite some time. Today I finally hiked its 6.6 km loop. It did not disappoint. The trail is rated as 'moderate.' More accurately, it provides something for everyone. The north side of the creek offers relatively easy walking sections. The south… Continue reading Walktober — Holland Creek Trail

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The Importance of Reaching Out

Have you ever thought about reaching out to someone...but then hesitated....and the moment was lost? If this incredible blogger had not reached out to say that her cruise ship would have a four-hour stop-over a short distance from my home... And if this engaging (and very observant) blogger had not asked if she could join… Continue reading The Importance of Reaching Out

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Your Travel Wishes Granted Here

Okay, so it turns out that I can't actually guarantee your wishes will be granted. But, I can confirm that they will be openly received and shared with the Universe. That's the next best thing, right?! Today was the first day of my 'Travel Writing' course. Somehow, when I signed up, I thought that I… Continue reading Your Travel Wishes Granted Here


What Do You Do When Your Blogging Buddies Come to Visit?

You solve the problems of the blogging world. (NB - I was taking notes and not multi-tasking...honest!)   Meanwhile, your partners solve the problems of the political world (for at least two countries)….impressive!  You eat and drink...and then eat and drink some more!  And relieve the guilt with a stunning hike!  You share your passions.… Continue reading What Do You Do When Your Blogging Buddies Come to Visit?


Have You Used The New Gutenberg Editor?

Thank you to Hugh Roberts for featuring my blogging question about the Gutenberg Editor. He has given me just the push I need to give it a try.  Have you used the new editor on Word Press? If so, do you agree with Hugh?

Hugh's Views & News  

Thank you to Donna Connolly, who blogs at Retirement Reflections, for asking me a question about blogging after reading my recent blog post ‘Do You Have A Question About Blogging…’

Here’s Donna’s question in full.

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Yes, I’m using the Gutenberg editor, Donna. I’ve written this post using it.

I’ve read more blog posts complaining about the new Gutenberg Editor than those that give it any praise or credit. I found that to be of great shame, given some of the circumstances surrounding the reviews it’s been getting.

Many of those who complained about Gutenberg hadn’t even attempted using it. They’d ended up getting to it by mistake; many panicking as soon as they saw what was in front of them on the screen.

Others had tried using it but had not given it the time it deserves. Just like learning to ride a bike, or ice-skating for…

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Meatless Meals – Bloggers’ Style

Thank you to all who sent in suggestions of their favourite meatless dishes. During the past week, I have given a few of them a try.  Here are the ones that I have attempted so far. Anabel's Thai Style Coconut Curry Anabel said: "Use lots of vegetables, marinated tofu, coconut milk seasoned with chili, lime,… Continue reading Meatless Meals – Bloggers’ Style

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The Lighthouse Country Regional Trail and The Widow Badass

Today I had the pleasure of hiking on the Lighthouse Country Regional Trail (LCRT) just outside of Bower on Vancouver Island. This simple trail showcases the beauty of a rare Coastal Douglas Fir Forest. It is also home to Sitka Spruce that commonly grow over 70 meters tall. The path is level-grade, making it an… Continue reading The Lighthouse Country Regional Trail and The Widow Badass

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Preserve your Story with “Print My Blog” WordPress Plugin

I am reblogging this post from the very generous and talented Mike Nelson. He prepared a PDF copy of my blog ( which I greatly appreciated. I had tried to do this myself using other methods but never found a suitable result. Mike's solution worked very well for me. If interested, I encourage you to… Continue reading Preserve your Story with “Print My Blog” WordPress Plugin