'Flying Phil'
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A Local Hero in Our Midst

Earlier this week, I published a Guest Post by Anabel Marsh on ‘Hidden Histories.’ Her thoughtful, provocative post led to much reflection, including “Who does your town/city honour?’ It’s a great question. Vancouver Island, where I currently live, is home to influential and well-known actors, artists, athletes, journalists, musicians, philanthropists, politicians, Prime Ministers, scientists, Nobel… Continue reading A Local Hero in Our Midst

Hammy the Deer
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Hammy the Deer

Being the 'opposite of a procrastinator' (a true liability!), I diligently wrote my December contribution for 'We are the World Blogfest' well in advance. I then discovered that #WATWBF takes a break in December...so I could have relaxed a bit more with eggnog in front of the fireplace! Since the tale of Hammy seemed appropriate… Continue reading Hammy the Deer