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Peace, Walking and Waterfalls

Guest Post By: Cynthia from I'm Thinking of Retiring Meet Cynthia Cynthia lives just north of Toronto. She retired from a fast-paced career as a Fire Chief (one of the few female Fire Chiefs in Canada at the time). In preparing for life beyond work, she created the site I’m Thinking of Retiring to share the immense… Continue reading Peace, Walking and Waterfalls


National Dog Day – August 26

Happy National Dog Day! According to the 'Canadian National Day Calendar,’ the ultimate goal of National Dog Day is for “all dogs to live a happy, safe and abuse-free life." But, what do dogs do for us? According to research – plenty! Scientists have repeatedly concluded that owning a dog can reduce blood pressure in… Continue reading National Dog Day – August 26

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Language Lessons

Richard and I are currently taking Italian lessons in preparation for our upcoming hiking trip in Italy. Blame it on too many traumatic high school French classes...but Richard did need to be gently coaxed (read here: DRAGGED kicking and screaming) to join me in this course. Despite this initial setback, we are enjoying our studies,… Continue reading Language Lessons

Parkinson's Law
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Parkinson’s Law

I had promised that this post would be about what I did on my Technology Break--the time that I spent luxuriating with family, friends, fiction, fitness, food and fantasies about the Via Francigena. But, after I wrote the title, and published teaser photos, I felt that the rest was self-explanatory. Adding to my concerns about… Continue reading Parkinson’s Law

Social Integration
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Social Integration and What It Has to Do with Positive Aging

I am delighted to appear as a Guest Host on Smart Living 365. Sustainable, Meaningful, Aware, Responsible and Thankful, Kathy Gottberg's website is truly all of those things. Here is a snippet from my post: When cleaning out a box of old letters and memorabilia recently, I came across a few of my old school… Continue reading Social Integration and What It Has to Do with Positive Aging

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Sunday Guest Post Series: Hidden Histories

One of the joys of retirement is finding new interests – and having the time to rekindle old ones. It will be 40 years this summer since I completed my undergraduate degree in history and, although occasionally useful for enquiries in my career as a librarian, history was never again a big part of my… Continue reading Sunday Guest Post Series: Hidden Histories

Hammy the Deer
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Hammy the Deer

Being the 'opposite of a procrastinator' (a true liability!), I diligently wrote my December contribution for 'We are the World Blogfest' well in advance. I then discovered that #WATWBF takes a break in December...so I could have relaxed a bit more with eggnog in front of the fireplace! Since the tale of Hammy seemed appropriate… Continue reading Hammy the Deer

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Rocket Girl…and Equality Among the Sexes in 2017

When my youngest son was in kindergarten, I was a middle school principal. My son's school principal was female. Many of my closest friends were also...you guessed it...female principals. This caused my five-year-old to innocently ask, "Can men also be principals?" "Only when they are very, very good," I said with a wink. One of… Continue reading Rocket Girl…and Equality Among the Sexes in 2017

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For Whom the SEO Bells Toll

What is 'SEO' and what is it doing to our writing? If you share your written work on-line (and care about anyone else ever reading it) you are probably quite familiar with the term SEO or 'Search Engine Optimization.' SEO ranks your posts based on what search engines consider most relevant to internet users. More… Continue reading For Whom the SEO Bells Toll