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La Via Francigena – Reflections from Home

Richard and I are now back home. We are grateful for our experience on the Via Francigena and are appreciative of all of the support that we received along the way. A few commenters asked for a summary of our general observations, surprises, warnings, and suggestions. As conditions change rapidly, no two walks on the… Continue reading La Via Francigena – Reflections from Home

Hiking, Via Francigena

Day 24: La Storta to Rome

Distance Walked: 19.1 km ++ Time Walking: 6 hours (including breaks) Temperature: 32C When we woke up this morning, it felt like Graduation Day. And in so many ways, it was. I threw out my (no longer) white LuLu Lemon long-sleeved shirt (that I know you were all sick of — me too)! I donned… Continue reading Day 24: La Storta to Rome

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Day 22: Monterosi to Campagnano di Roma

Distance Walked: 15 km Time Walking: 8 am - 1 pm (including a stop in magnificent Monte Gelato Falls) Temperatures : High of 27C (with a burst of rain). Summary: Today was our first day on the trail that had any hint of rain. When we finally decided that the skies were serious, we unearthed our… Continue reading Day 22: Monterosi to Campagnano di Roma

Hiking, Via Francigena

Day 20: Vetralla to Sutri

Distance Walked: 22km Time Walking: 7 hours (with 2 luxuriously long breaks) Out of our 18 days spent walking so far, today’s hike was unquestionably the most diverse and stunning. Majestic woods, a little church (as well as houses) made of tufa blocks, hazelnut plantations, Roman tombs, a medieval bell tower, the quaint village of… Continue reading Day 20: Vetralla to Sutri

Hiking, Via Francigena

Day 19: Viterbo to Vetralla

Distance Walked: 18 km Time Walking: 6 hours (including breaks) Temperatures: High of 29C (but actually seemed cooler). Our Hotel Manager could not have been more wrong — at least regarding the exit views from Viterbo. Have a look for yourself. Pretty cool, right? My iPhone (and its lowly user) have given these scenes no… Continue reading Day 19: Viterbo to Vetralla

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Day 18: Rest Day in Viterbo

Distance Walked: As little as possible. What We Did: See above. Temperatures: 28C (again, it felt much warmer). Quick Photo Summary: We leisurely began our day with a wonderful breakfast that was included with our hotel room price. Breads, meats, cheeses, cereals, yogurt, pastries, fruits (including kiwi)...and of course, coffee! Richard then ventured off to… Continue reading Day 18: Rest Day in Viterbo

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Day 17: Montefiascone to Viterbo

Distance Walked: 18.3 km Time Walked: Honestly, we lost track! Temperatures: 27C (but felt much warmer) Summary: It was a lovely walk outside of Montefiascone, with delightful scenic views. This early section of the trail put us on 3 km of Roman basoli paving. That’s the very same pavement that Emperors, Kings and Soldiers (amongst… Continue reading Day 17: Montefiascone to Viterbo

Hiking, Via Francigena

Day 16: Bolsena to Montefiascone

Today’s Numbers: Distance Walked: 18 km (felt like 30 km) Time Walking: 6 hours (including breaks) Altitude Difference Ascent: 580m Altitude Difference Descent: 290m Temperatures: High of 29C Guide Book Rating: Average Our Rating: Deceptively Difficult Summary: Last night, we spied a coffee vending machine outside of our dorm room. First thing this morning, Richard… Continue reading Day 16: Bolsena to Montefiascone