Hiking, Via Francigena

Day 19: Viterbo to Vetralla

Distance Walked: 18 km
Time Walking: 6 hours (including breaks)
Temperatures: High of 29C (but actually seemed cooler).

Our Hotel Manager could not have been more wrong — at least regarding the exit views from Viterbo. Have a look for yourself.

Pretty cool, right? My iPhone (and its lowly user) have given these scenes no justice at all. The limestone walls, oak woods and olive tree farms were truly spectacular! And if that wasn’t enough, we then entered a vast plain with calcareous rocks and Roman ruins. Due to the warm mineral waters originally found there,  Roman aristocrats built their villas in that area. The downside to crossing this section was that anytime a vehicle sped past, we got a mouthful of what seemed like ‘volcanic dust’. Not tasty at all!

Our guide book had warned us that water and refreshment points would be absent on today’s full trail. That was almost true. 45 minutes outside of Vetrella, we met this man who insisted we fill our water bottles with the natural spring water where he was working. We already had enough water to get us to town, but who were we to argue? Besides, it was cold and delicious (and we didn’t get sick or lose our hair….at least not yet)! 🙂

Monatareo Regina Pacis
Via Del Giardino 4
Cost: 50 euros for private double room with en-suite bathroom, dinner and breakfast.
1.8 km from Vetrella, on the next stage.

Tomorrow’s Destination: Sutri, 22 km. We hope to see you there!

19 thoughts on “Day 19: Viterbo to Vetralla”

    1. Hi, Sam – Thanks so much for stopping by. I highly recommend this hike to anyone interested. Although a bit more restrictive than the Spanish Camino, there is still much flexibility to individualize pace, distances and accommodations that best suit!

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  1. We found beauty in the walk on every leg except the first day out of Lucca. I was amazed, even on the last leg to Rome, where after about 7 km on sidewalks along the busy Via Cassia – safe but not lovely – we were plunged right back into a peaceful nature park, and then a hill park with spectacular views that only spit us out about three km from St. Peter’s.


    1. Thanks, Janis – Not knowing what is around the corner, what are accommodations will be like that night, or what interesting people we will meet that day has truly been the coolest part of our trip. It has been a ‘surprise bag’ each and every day!

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  2. Hi Donna, Again, the kindness of strangers pulls at my heart strings. I was reading some of the other comments/replies and your words “surpass expectations” says a great deal. Now I am going to have my brother read your posts when he visits this Summer. He has often talked about a Camino pilgrimage:)


  3. Hi Donna – the spring looks amazing … and what an interesting historical/geological section … views not bad either … cheers Hilary


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