Hiking, Via Francigena

Day 20: Vetralla to Sutri

Distance Walked: 22km
Time Walking: 7 hours (with 2 luxuriously long breaks)

Out of our 18 days spent walking so far, today’s hike was unquestionably the most diverse and stunning. Majestic woods, a little church (as well as houses) made of tufa blocks, hazelnut plantations, Roman tombs, a medieval bell tower, the quaint village of Capranica, imposing town walls and a rather long and intense jungle-like trek…this walk had it all! If doing a single-day hike on the Via Francigena, this is one that I would highly recommend.

12th Century Church, St. Francis.
We spent much of today under glorious shade coverage!
Torri D’Orlando – Ancient Roman Tombs
Hazelnuts beginning to bloom!
Next time we will plan an overnight stay in the charming town of Capranica.
Just one of the many challenges in our incredible jungle-trek!

Almost two hours into today’s walk, long after leaving Vetralla, Richard and I were surprised to see a highway sign announcing that we were back in Vetralla. As if today’s trail did not provide enough diversion on its own, we took our lives in our hands, braved walking in speeding traffic on a shoulderless highway (600 meters) and took a detour to a lovely cafe that sold iced coffee. What a gal won’t do for a frosty cappuccino!

  1. Our cafe was part of a large complex with pool, outdoor waterslide, fitness center and spa. Tempting!

BB II Seminaro, Piazza Del Comune 37
Tel: 320-31.19.320.
Email: iginoguidu@libero.it.
Cost: 30 euros per person, private room with en-suite bathroom and breakfast.
Awesome location in the Old Town Square.

Self-serve breakfast includes: Coffee, tea, croissants, toast, jam, yogurt, eggs and cookies.
See you tomorrow in Monterosi!

36 thoughts on “Day 20: Vetralla to Sutri”

  1. Thank you, Donna, for sharing your updates with beautiful photos and your radiant smile. You and Richard have been doing so well (minus the annoying cold/ sinus issues) and you’re now so close to Rome. I’m excited for you both. I’m catching up on my blog reading and commenting as I’ve been travelling in Malta and Germany. Wishing you a safe and enjoyable hike to Monterosi.


  2. Oh my, has it really been 18 days already? Enjoying the pics. The accommodations seemed nice. That bridge looked a bit wobbly but glad to see you’re still smiling!


  3. Walking is my best way to exercise – meditative, good for the soul, and the soles – and for watching scenery. You two are living my dream! (Although I admit, I would have been tempted to stay at that spa…) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She is living the Dream, isn’t she? Some people can’t resist places like Disneyland and amusement parks, but I will take an adventurous walk any day through beautiful countryside !


  4. Oh wow! These are stunning photos, Donna. The one of you in the shade looks as though you’re standing in a giant terrarium! Great photo of you and Richard, too. I’m so happy you enjoyed the day. Stay safe!


  5. I love the contrast of the 12th century St. Francis church with the modern fitness center/spa ! Looks like you are having a blast seeing beautiful scenery and buildings! And just when it’s needed an iced coffee pops up ! Someone up there likes you hee hee.

    Susan Grace


  6. Walking in the shade is my favourite kind! With all those wonderful distractions, this section sounds perfect … but 2 hours later you were back where you started? Was this for real or just a ‘trick’ that signage can play on us sometimes?


  7. Just when you think it can’t get better, it gets better. Amazing iPhone photos. I may start utilizing my phone more for practice. I am still more comfortable with my camera. I haven’t heard about Richard’s health, unless I missed an update. I am hoping no news is good news:)


  8. Hi Donna – can quite see why you recommend this area … Capranica sounds wonderful … but seeing all the countryside – bliss. Gorgeous – cheers Hilary


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