Via Francigena

Day 18: Rest Day in Viterbo

Distance Walked: As little as possible.
What We Did: See above.
Temperatures: 28C (again, it felt much warmer).

Quick Photo Summary:

We leisurely began our day with a wonderful breakfast that was included with our hotel room price. Breads, meats, cheeses, cereals, yogurt, pastries, fruits (including kiwi)…and of course, coffee!

Richard then ventured off to the laundromat, which was right beside a barber shop. Two jobs done at one time. I stayed in our hotel room because…well, because ALL of my clothes needed a good washing. (I did have my rain coat – and two large bath towels – in case of fire!)

Richard’s new Italian haircut

After that, we strolled around a bit, but found that our sense of direction was off today.

So, we decided to get out of the sun and drink more coffee. Grand Caffe Schenardi Ristoranti is over 200 years old. The setting, service, food and coffee were divine!

After coffee, we strolled a bit more and saw some pretty cool things. Like these 💕 doves watching us watch them!

And since when has Cannabis been available in vending machines? Not that we were interested, but seriously!


Back to the trail tomorrow.  16+ km to Vetrella.

Insider’s Tip – As we get closer to Rome, pilgrim accommodations have been full a week in advance. That hadn’t happened during the past 2.5 weeks of our journey.

54 thoughts on “Day 18: Rest Day in Viterbo”

  1. Glad you guys experienced a rest day – my legs were getting tired just reading about all the walking you’ve been doing! 🙂
    That cannabis vending machine – too funny, and I wonder if we will ever see them in Canada? If they offered a CBD-only product, I’d recommend it for your camino as it helps with relaxation, pain and inflammation.

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  2. Looks like you had a relaxing day of rest! Hope the you have no problems with accommodations the rest of the way! Keep on trekking 😎


  3. Hi Donna & Richard,
    You’re making good progress. I’m in Campagnano di Roma & on track to arrive at Il Vaticano on Thursday.
    Fear not for (some of) the scenery ahead. Just outside Viterbo you get to walk a road through a sort of chasm…& its shady! Plus I thought the trail from Vetralla to Sutri was one of the loveliest sections of the whole VF; hazelnut orchards, ruins, the winding alleyways of Capranica & then a forest walk into Sutri.
    Enjoy! 😊

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    1. Hi, Janis – Viterbo has been the perfect rest spot for us. It’s a large city, with all of the conveniences that we were hoping for. It also does not seem to be very touristy — which has made it even better! 🙂


  4. Okay, I really want to say pull on the raincoat and hit the vending machine, but this is a PG sight so I will just say, “congratulations on a good walk and well earned R&R.” 🙂

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  5. That cannabis machine, so civilized. And they’re still freaking out about stores here in Ontario, how many and where to put them!
    Good luck with the rest of your trek 🙂


  6. Hey Donna & Richard! I agree with Deb that most of us were probably relieved that you took a day of rest. 🙂 And how nice to just do nothing much (except laundry!) I’m guessing you’ll be more than ready to start walking again tomorrow. And from the looks of it, those little cannabis packets would make small and good souvenirs! 🙂 Sleep well! ~Kathy

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  7. How wonderful to have a rest! I’ve so enjoyed your camino Donna. My sister has completed hers, they arrived in Rome a day or so back. I’ve heard of the high temps and tortuous 28 kms on occasion. And gorgeous photos from both her and you! Keep on trekking 🙂


  8. Thank you for taking me along on trails virtually, The distances covered are mind-blowing and impressive …and best enjoyed from the comfort of my couch, coffee in hand ;-). Loving your presentation of the experience and visuals. Acqapendente was especially moving for me #kindnessofstrangers. And as a fellow world-wanderer, I totally get the Burger King thing 😉

    Your diligence in producing such gorgeous updates every day is enviable. My blog is still in St. Helena but I am two destinations ahead in Grenada.

    The Captain (who hails from Milan and lived in Tuscany asks how are you finding the tourist levels along your route. It seems like it is getting more difficult to find accommodation the closer you get to Rome.

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    1. Hi, Lisa – Thank you for leaving such a thoughtful comment! As our travels so far have been in early-mid June (when many schools have still been in session) the tourist levels haven’t been too bad. I spent part of today trying to make our final accommodations and the tourist levels do seem to be picking up. This could be caused by multiple factors colliding (e.g. more schools are out now, we are getting closer to Rome, and we are now in the final 100 km of the Francigena…which is the minimum number of km needed to receive an official certificate of completion for the VF). 🙂

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  9. Our love to both of you
    We are really enjoying following both of you on your adventure and are
    Looking forward to your homecoming as you both are truly missed
    Enjoy the rest of your journey
    With all our love
    Mom and David


  10. I’m terribly behind on your Camino updates but catching you on a rest seems like a good place to start 🙂 I hope you are all suitably rested up. What a remarkable thing to do!


  11. I’m glad to read you worked in a day of rest, Donna. Seems like a good place to stop and breathe while enjoying a leisurely cuppa! I wish you the best in booking your next set of overnight accommodations. I’ll have to show Hans your photo of the cannabis dispensary 😜


  12. Your heading photo could be a magazine cover…….great photo! Thank goodness no fire. I spoke too soon on your last post. This place truly fancy, schmalzy. Good to know on accommodations closer to Rome.


  13. Hi Donna – sounds like a good rest day … a switch off for the mind too. I’d have thought vending machines for cannabis will be available in Canada very soon – I was amazed when I walked into a new shop just before legal day when I was over last year … people soon jumped on the bandwagon. I’ve seen shops here – vending machines not yet … but haven’t got up to wander around London town. Glad you have some clean clothes to wear and Richard’s hair cut looks impressive and smart … cheers Hilary


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