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Day 22: Monterosi to Campagnano di Roma

Distance Walked: 15 km
Time Walking: 8 am – 1 pm (including a stop in magnificent Monte Gelato Falls)
Temperatures : High of 27C (with a burst of rain).

Summary: Today was our first day on the trail that had any hint of rain. When we finally decided that the skies were serious, we unearthed our rain gear that had remained dormant in the bottom of our packs for three weeks. Of course, as soon as we did this, the weather changed its mind and the bright sun appeared, Despite the rising temperatures, I kept my full rain gear on for 40 minutes more…mostly due to stubbornness!

Monte Gelato Falls: We had another shortened day, which allowed us to leisurely explore Monte Gelato Falls. The Falls were  much more picturesque than my iPhone  could adequately capture. They have been visited since prehistoric times and are surrounded by the remains of  a 1st Century Roman Villa, as well as a Water Mill that was in operation from 1830 – 1960.

If in the area, Richard and I highly recommend taking a refreshment break directly across the street at La Vecchia Mola. Nice views, great service and some of the best food/drink prices that we have seen yet.

Once again, the trail was full of surprises, incredibly diverse…and had a steep climb to our final destination!

Hotel Benigni, Via della Vittoria 13, info@hotelbenigni.it. Tel: 06-90-42-671.

65 euros (including taxes)for private double room with en-suite bathroom.

Two more sleeps until Rome!

28 thoughts on “Day 22: Monterosi to Campagnano di Roma”

  1. Hi Donna – You had me at Gelato 🙂 Gelato Falls look very pretty and the lush greenery has a calming effect. Your daily blogging is really wonderful, and impressive that you’re doing it on your phone. So close to the Eternal City…I visualize Rome and its sights. I’m excited for you both. Thanks for sharing your day and photos.


    1. Hi, Natalie – We can often achieve more than we originally believe that we can. I am such a loser at using my phone (all thumbs) that I usually don’t even text. Relying solely on my phone to blog was a great lesson for me.


  2. Ah, you came into a city or little town. Are you wearing hiking sandals? Do you like them better than hiking shoes?


  3. Still smiling! Bless your hearts. And what a climb to your final destination. I, too, am interested in your footwear. Do you change shoes every so often? What do you wear when you have reached your stay for the evening? Do you feel as if you’ve lost a lot of weight. Your pants look a little like, as my mom would say, the ‘family has moved out’ = loose. Beautiful scenery every day.

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  4. Everything looks so magical, and that private room with en-suite bathroom = 👌 👄👌 (putting my fingers to my lips like the Italians!)

    How are you ever going to top this trip?


  5. Hi Donna – love the header photo … while the Falls must have been historically interesting – even if only walking on by. The mill stones are amazing – and what a great way to use them. Wonderful walk up … and delightful town ahead. Love the horses … what fun – cheers Hilary


  6. Hi Donna, I agree with Hilary. I like all of the photos and especially the header photo. It looks like a photo from a magazine. Your iPhone has been great, and of course, it is the operator taking the photos that makes all the difference 😊 Thank you for capturing and sharing another amazing day:)


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