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Day 23: Campagnano di Roma to La Sorta

Distance Walked: 21.8 km
Walking Time: 6 hours
Breaks: 1 hour
Walking Pace: 3.5 km per hour
Attitude Difference Ascent: 580 m
Attitude Difference Descent: 690m
Distance to Rome: 19.1 km

Campagnano di Roma:
As we walked yesterday’s trail, we repeatedly heard sounds from the area’s Autodromo Vallelunga Pietro Taruff. Sadly, we never did catch a glimpse of the race cars. When we arrived in town, shops and restaurants were busily preparing for something. As the evening unfolded , we discovered that there was also a 1O km running race that followed a course from Vallelunge — with a very steep climb! Afterwards, there was a huge festival in the streets. Dinner was BBQ’d meat (on top of BBQ’d meat)! By ordering one dinner platter to share, Richard and I consumed more meat than we typically eat in a month! Twenty-two hours later, we are still full! (Seriously!)

The Trail – Today’s trail offered two separate chances to take an alternative path. The first diversion reduced TWO km from today’s total distance. The downside was that it bypassed the town of Formello, eliminating our only chance for coffee, snacks and water refills until the end of the day. We decided on a coin toss. I lost. We stopped for coffee!

Two hours later, we were given a second chance at another alternative path. This time 1 km was reduced. You didn’t have to tell  me twice. I was on it!! I thought that it was lovely, Richard apparently didn’t have enough coffee because he simply didn’t like it. (He’s a bit of a trail purist). That alternative path was 4.5 km in length. Here are some of its views.  What do you think?

We are now at our last overnight stop before Rome. Intellectually I  understand this. Emotionally, it hasn’t fully sunk in.

Almost there!!

Accommodations: Casa Nostra Signora Del Sacro Cuore. Via Cassia 1826. Tel: 06-30–89-08-63. Info@cassnostrasignora.it. 48 euros (+taxes) for two people in a private room with private bathroom. Includes breakfast. Full dinner is available for 14 euros per person.

41 thoughts on “Day 23: Campagnano di Roma to La Sorta”

  1. The photos are like paintings Donna – how lucky you are to have them! Omg – one more night before Rome in sight – may you especially revel in this even though it feels like being caught in the opposites ie the intellectual and the emotional – those opposites belong to each other and are not exclusive to each other – which make the experience particularly meaningful.


  2. The water fall was worth even a 5km extra walk, beautiful ❣️😎 Enjoy Rome and your home exchange…I have enrolled but not set up yet,,,,,planning a trip next spring to Ireland, Scotland and England!


    1. Hi, Georgia – We continue to be Home Exchange fans. At the last minute, we decided to get a hotel room that was more central to things that we wished to see. After all of that walking, we didn’t want to add in too many extra steps!


  3. Good call on your 2nd alternative path, Donna. The wild flowers, especially red poppies, and the waterfalls are lovely. Savour this moment on the eve of reaching Rome. You’ve accomplished a lot in 23-24 days. Just incredible! Thank you for sharing your journey in words and photos. P.S. I’m switching to WordPress 🙂


  4. Oh my, your photos are amazing, Donna! They actually look like paintings. I love the poppies! I can’t believe you’ll soon be in Rome. Thank you for sharing this incredible journey with us. Stay safe!


  5. Hi Donna, sorry I’ve missed a few days and can’t believe you are almost at the end of your journey. I’m sure either paths would have been beautiful to take and the Italians know how to celebrate don’t they. I’m sure that once you have finished you will realise the depth of your experience and what you have both achieved physically and mentally on your wonderful experience. xx


  6. There are always mixed emotions when you approach the end of a big goal like this one. Hoping that last 19km are pure magic 🙂

    … and Rome? Well, Rome is simply magic on its own 💕


  7. Such great memories. We also took the archeological detour, and we stayed with the sisters. Hopefully you had the dinner, as ours was very good.


  8. Hi Donna – I can imagine you’ll have a huge hole in your brain … as the amazing pilgrimage will be over – well lots of memories and tales to tell … but what will your legs do?! They’ll have a shock at not being used so much. It’s been wonderful following along – I’m so pleased you’ve journalled (wrong word – but you’ll know what I mean … it’s underlined it in red: not right – delete and put something else there … nope!) the trip for us … I’ve so enjoyed catching up – one more to do and then I’m with you … gorgeous views on your route … cheers Hilary


  9. A nice, unexpected treat to take part in the festivities. The energy of a race in a town would have been fun. I am in awe of the views. I am also in awe of all the togetherness you and Richard have on this trip, with only minor issues solved with a coin toss:)


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