Hiking, Via Francigena

Day 16: Bolsena to Montefiascone

Today’s Numbers:
Distance Walked: 18 km (felt like 30 km)
Time Walking: 6 hours (including breaks)
Altitude Difference Ascent: 580m
Altitude Difference Descent: 290m
Temperatures: High of 29C
Guide Book Rating: Average
Our Rating: Deceptively Difficult

Last night, we spied a coffee vending machine outside of our dorm room. First thing this morning, Richard was on it! He came back empty-handed saying that the machine had a sign on it reading “O Soe”…which he assumed meant “broken”. I went to investigate. The handwritten sign read: “0.50€”. Lost in translation!

The gracious Lake Bolsena escorted us out of town, all of the way to Montefiascone…although she sometimes hid from our view.

1:30 hours out of town, we saw these signs posted together on the “official” trail. We entered cautiously, but never did see or hear the “cane” mentioned!

Our guidebook had warned us that there would be no shops, cafes or water fountains available on today’s route. Two hours outside of Bolsena, we came across a lovely picnic area, and water fountain, where we had our lunch. (There was also another fountain just before the city limits of Montefiascone.)

Richard is currently out exploring, while I have crashed on the bed. Our accommodations tonight came highly recommended by Peter from Czech Republic, who we met in Ponte d’Arbia. Peter has just finished high school and is walking solo from Rome to Prague in order to celebrate!


Monastero di San Pietro, Via Garibaldi 31. Telephone: 0761-82–60-66. Email: benedettineapmf@gmail.com. 30 euros, per person, for (private) room with en-suite bathroom, dinner and breakfast.

Total Numbers To Date:
Distance Walked: 307.4 km
Distance to Rome: 100 km. (120+ km on the VF trail). Average Cost of Accommodations Per Night: 34.92 euros ($52.03 CDN, $34.62 USD). Current Pack Weight with 1L water: 6kg

Happy Father’s Day to all Dads our there, especially: Shea Wageman, Cory Wageman, Shaun, Wageman, David Manarin and of course, Richard!

36 thoughts on “Day 16: Bolsena to Montefiascone”

  1. What a bummer about the vending machine, Donna, but I’m happy your discovered the nice picnic area. “Richard is currently out exploring (more likely having a “cold one”). LOL! Happy Father’s Day to Richard…cheers!


  2. Oops. Just realised the comment belongs to retiredmentally challenged not retirement reflections! I have my “Monday morning day off” eyes in my head. Sorry. Sound like some days the trail is a trial in any case. Louise


  3. The trouble with carrying water is carrying water. Its heavy but a necessary load. You guys rock!


  4. If you are ready for a treat, or a recommended rest day, book La Mia Cassata in Sutri. We loved it, and it is a nice place to catch your breath before the final push.

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  5. Donna, I can just picture you scratching your head and mumbling “really” when Richard came back with no coffee.Leave it to a woman to get the job done!


  6. Hi Donna, Reading your blog is part of my reward system lol. I really like the formula you have created for journaling your days. 29C very hot long day for walking. Interesting phrase “deceptively difficult.” The sign pointing to Orvieto rings a bell – possibly a reference in a book. All of your posts are getting bookmarked and pinned:


  7. Hi Donna – love the walk along to Montefiascone … looks to be quite delightful. Great Richard got his coffee – glad you checked the machine out. Excellent you’re getting lots of recommendations of places to stay … cheers Hilary


    1. We mostly had the trail to ourselves. When we did see other pilgrims it was usually at the hostels or at a cafe or restaurant. That lead us to create the conspiracy theory that most other pilgrims had taken the bus! 🙂


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