Hiking, Via Francigena

Day 15: Acquapendente to Bolsena

Distance Hiked: 25.5 km.
Time: 7 hours (including a wonderful lunch in San Lorenzo Nuovo).

Summary: Richard and I both began this day tired. We were grateful for the gentle trail, with minimal climbs, generous periods of shade, and cool breezes. Despite our exhaustion, we did not miss the unique beauty of this particular path. The “jungle like trek” just outside of San Lorenzo Nuovo was absolutely stunning. And the large and lovely Lake Bolsena? Well, she simply flirted with us for over an hour, luring us into her city limits.

Bolsena; Its medieval quarter, Basilica of Santa Cristina, ancient catacombs, rich history (including being the site of the 1263 ‘Eucharistic Miracle’),and of course its beautiful lake, make Bolsena a popular tourist destination (and a common ‘rest day’ for pilgrims). Were you hoping for another break tomorrow? We’ve decided to walk on to Montefiascone. See you there!


Accommodations: Suore Del Santissino Sacramento, Piazza Santa Cristina 4. Tel: 0761799058. Cost: Donation.  Carla stayed here recently and said that there were 5 single beds in her room, with alcove. There are 17 single beds in our room, but only 2 other roommates (2 lovely French women who were at our same accommodations  last night).

Thank you for reading and following!

22 thoughts on “Day 15: Acquapendente to Bolsena”

  1. Two glass of wine and I am caught up with your stories. As I had mentioned on a previous post, I will reread with my husband. I know he will enjoy. Now, I am exhausted just reading your day to day adventures. I can’t imagine all of the kilometres you have already walked. You and Richard have not had many/any down days. I truly hope Richard is on the mend. The meds should kick in. Safe travels and I look forward to following your pilgrimage:)

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  2. Hi Donna,
    That’s quite a long day for beginning with you both being tired! Again, what lovely vistas and sites along the way. I would be tempted to linger a day in each place you stop, both for a rest and to “explore some more”. Your endurance for the daily walk is impressive!


  3. Hi Donna – sounds as though you’re doing what’s best for you – the lake does sound rather enticing though … what were they doing in the medieval alley – a fiesta or ….?! Cheers Hilary


  4. I think if I was really tired, or sick with a sinus infection, I would not choose to walk 25.5 km. It would be a day off for lounging about!



    1. Hi, Jude – Richard’s cough and sinus infection lasted from Day 1 to Day 24. If he would have chosen to stay in bed, we likely would have missed much of our walk. The night before this particular day, we had a small private room with bunk beds. I was on the bottom bunk and the space was quite shallow….making it a true sleep-deprivation chamber! I was always so anxious about phoning to make reservations in Italian that I didn’t want to phone back (in Italian) and change or undo that reservation. So, we walked….. 🙂


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