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Day 14: Proceno to Acquapendente

When I left you last, Richard and I were enjoying a gelato in Proceno. After a bit of downtime, we had soup on our minds and went to find a restaurant. After a fruitless search, we saw the man who runs our hostel. Not only did he tell us where ’the’ restaurant was, he generously escorted us there. As we walked, he addressed all who passed by with their names, including dogs and cats! He reminded one school-aged boy that he should be home by now. He picked up a stray newspaper from the street and deposited it in the nearest recycling bin. When we passed a clearing from the high hilltop, he smiled proudly at the stunning panoramic view and said,

“Credo che Proceno sia una città molto bella. Sei d’accordo?

We agreed wholeheartedly.

Acqapendente: As we were due for a rest day, and Richard’s cough and sinus infection proved to be quite stubborn, we decided to make it a short hike (8 km) to Acquapendente. We lingered over breakfast (an americano, a cappuccino, 2 marmalade croissants and a small bottle of water: 5 euros). That gave us a gloriously late start, putting us in Aquadependente by 11:30 a.m.

Once reaching the town, we immediately headed to the hospital. By an incredible stroke of luck, we met a woman there,  Dominica,  who had worked for the Canadian Embassy. She took us to the clinic and helped translate. (Insert 3 hours wait time, plus 1 hour doctor visit here).After showing his passport and international medical insurance card, Richard was examined and then sent for x-rays by wheelchair (yes, we see the irony here). Two medications were prescribed. When finished, Richard asked the cost. The doctor smiled and said “no charge” (total cost for prescriptions was  12 euros). We are hopeful that Richard will be on the mend soon. The incredible kindness of strangers will linger n our memories.


Casa di Lazzaro, Via Dei Cappuccini 23, Acquapendente. Tel: 0763-73.01.77 or 339-43.27383, accoglienza@casadilazzaro.org. Single and double rooms, including dinner and breakfast…all by donation. When we arrived, we saw Carla there. She was on her return trip home. Carla had highly recommended this accommodation to us…and we highly recommend it to you.

36 thoughts on “Day 14: Proceno to Acquapendente”

  1. I just love hearing about the kindness of people – I won’t call them strangers! It’s the human family and when we help another, we help ourselves.

    I think that’s my favorite part of your journey that you are sharing with us – the kind acts of the people you are meeting.

    Hope hubby feels better! A sinus infection will zap our strength quite insidiously but hopefully from here on out, it is easier sailing!


  2. Confucius say; To experience kindness from strangers is good reward for being kind. Actually, I said that, but I think it applies to the experience you are having. Sinus infections are a beast! He’s a trooper for sticking with it.Hope the medication knocks it out in short order.


  3. Hi Donna,
    Haven’t commented in a few, but following the journey, – every leg.
    So glad Richard was able to seek out medical advice and hopefully he will shake this thing for good!
    I, too, have been struck by the kindness you have encountered along your path – whether fellow hikers or locals. It gives one faith in the goodness of humanity.


  4. Hi Donna! Oh darn…I was hoping Richard’s sinus thing was long gone but so glad to hear you found a solution that should turn things around. And thank you for taking a slow day 🙂 You both were wearing me out!!!! Glad you enjoyed your day. ~Kathy


  5. Hi honey
    Sorry to hear that Richard has had a setback as he is quite a trouper to
    Keep up to you, We are sending our best wishes to see you through your
    Journey with the best of health as we are looking forward to your return
    With out love
    Mom and David


  6. Hope Richard is on the mend soon! You are having such great experiences of friendship and generosity…..memories of a life time❣️


  7. I hope Richard heals quickly, Donna, he’s a real trooper (aka stubborn) to get along this far with it. How nice you found someone to help you with the clinic information! I got a sinus infection (my first one ever) while we were in Mexico (Baja) a few years ago. Hubby speaks Spanish and we got a ride to the clinic where the doctor spoke English! I paid the equivalent of $12 there and took my “prescriptions” to the local Farmacia where you can get them behind the counter. Another $12 spent. I’m sure he will start feeling better soon and your walks can be longer!


  8. Worrisome about Richard’s cough and sinus infection. The kindness of the people makes me want to cry. These are the stories that do not make the news. These are the stories we need to share. Thank you, Donna:)


  9. I remember one visit to Italy, La Spezia, Donna and we were looking for a particular bank. The people could not have been more helpful – even if they didn’t know where it was! I’m sorry to hear that Richard is not well as a chest infection or sinus problems is something he doesn’t need. Sending him best wishes and love to you both. x


    1. Thanks, Sam – Ironically, Richard’s cold began the first day of the trail, so he has been officially “sick” every day of our trek. You’d never know it though – he seldom complains and just keeps on going. (Me? I’d totally complain!)

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  10. Hi Donna – love the relationships news … good marriage mates happily survive!! It does sound as though you’ve had an amazing trip so far … with the kindness and generosity of all. I hope Richard will be improving as I move along your posts – cheers Hilary


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