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La Via Francigena – Reflections from Home

Richard and I are now back home. We are grateful for our experience on the Via Francigena and are appreciative of all of the support that we received along the way. A few commenters asked for a summary of our general observations, surprises, warnings, and suggestions. As conditions change rapidly, no two walks on the… Continue reading La Via Francigena – Reflections from Home

Via Francigena

Our Via Francigena Base Camp: Pisa

After more planes and trains (and a PisaMover) we left Lincoln and began our Italian adventure. The Via Francigena is now so close that my legs have begun to ache in anticipation! PISA Despite the stern warning from our guidebook, we visited the Leaning Tower of Pisa in the morning, without purchasing advanced tickets. Although… Continue reading Our Via Francigena Base Camp: Pisa

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Practice Hikes

Richard and I are on the countdown until we begin our whirlwind family and friend tour (Victoria, BC, Kelowna, BC and Lincoln, UK) and then onto our 400 km trek across Tuscany into Rome.  To prepare, we have been packing, unpacking, repacking and adjusting our backpacks trying to make miracles happen. We have also been… Continue reading Practice Hikes