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Meatless Meals – Bloggers’ Style

Thank you to all who sent in suggestions of their favourite meatless dishes. During the past week, I have given a few of them a try.  Here are the ones that I have attempted so far. Anabel's Thai Style Coconut Curry Anabel said: "Use lots of vegetables, marinated tofu, coconut milk seasoned with chili, lime,… Continue reading Meatless Meals – Bloggers’ Style

Social Integration
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Social Integration and What It Has to Do with Positive Aging

I am delighted to appear as a Guest Host on Smart Living 365. Sustainable, Meaningful, Aware, Responsible and Thankful, Kathy Gottberg's website is truly all of those things. Here is a snippet from my post: When cleaning out a box of old letters and memorabilia recently, I came across a few of my old school… Continue reading Social Integration and What It Has to Do with Positive Aging

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When ‘Thriving’ Turns into ‘Surviving’

Ever think that you have everything (okay...maybe just 'most' things) in balance...and then it all suddenly goes off the rails? Thank you to Sue at Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond for inviting me to discuss 'When Thriving turns into Surviving'. Please join me at Sue's and let me know what you do to get back… Continue reading When ‘Thriving’ Turns into ‘Surviving’

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Creating a Lifestyle Catered to You

Thank you, Donna, for inviting me over to participate in your Sunday Series. It is a pleasure, and an honor, to be called one of your favorites. My ego is bursting! A retirement lifestyle? At 42-years-old, I am not retired, although many people might think differently based on the lifestyle I have been living since… Continue reading Creating a Lifestyle Catered to You

Summer Series: Favorite Retirement Bloggers
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Summer Sundays Series is Almost Here

I wrote previously about creating a Summer Series: Favorite Retirement/Lifestyle Bloggers. For quite a while, I’d been trying to find a personal and effective way of highlighting favorite bloggers in my niche. A ‘Summer Series’ seemed to be the perfect solution. It would help share blogs that I love. It would also bring fresh content… Continue reading Summer Sundays Series is Almost Here

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Almost Wordless Wednesday: A Week in the Life of a Retiree

The most common question that I have been asked since retiring is "What do you do all week?" The short answer is "no two weeks look alike". Here's a sample from this past week using an Almost Wordless Wednesday format. (I do realize that it's Monday...and this post is not exactly wordless...thus the 'almost'!) I've… Continue reading Almost Wordless Wednesday: A Week in the Life of a Retiree

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You Know You Are Retired When….

Here I am packing for another trip. In the past, this would not have been unusual if it were official vacation or even business travel. But, it’s simply a random get-away. Insert light bulb going off here: 'I am retired!!' As strange as it may seem, I often forget that I am no longer employed.… Continue reading You Know You Are Retired When….

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We’ve Become the Hewitts

My husband and I have been long-time friends with Stan and Deidre Hewitt. That’s not their real names, but let’s call them that for the purpose of this post – they’ll recognize themselves soon enough. The Hewitts retired a couple of years before us. 'Extremely active' does not begin to describe their lifestyle. At their… Continue reading We’ve Become the Hewitts