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Meatless Meals – Bloggers’ Style

Thank you to all who sent in suggestions of their favourite meatless dishes. During the past week, I have given a few of them a try.  Here are the ones that I have attempted so far.

Anabel’s Thai Style Coconut Curry

Anabel said: “Use lots of vegetables, marinated tofu, coconut milk seasoned with chili, lime, ginger, lemongrass, tamarind and basil (or sometimes coriander).”

I used all of the listed ingredients — except for the tamarind. For the vegetables, I used mushrooms, red pepper, yellow pepper, and red onion. To this, I added vegetable broth and two tablespoons of green curry paste (next time I will reduce this to one tablespoon). Richard and I liked the results so much that the following night I took the leftover curry, added steamed carrots, broccoli and cauliflower and served over al dente zucchini noodles (suggested by Deb). Delicious!

Hilary’s Spanokopita

Hilary‘s Instructions Were: “Brush each filo sheet with melted butter. Put two or three sheets in a dish (single layered on top of the other). Add the mix. Then put two or three buttered sheets on top. Score pastry (large diamond shapes). Sprinkle with a little cold water. Bake in a medium hot oven for forty minutes or so … check! Mix: Spinach (the chard type) chopped up and precooked. Add cheese – I use cheddar, feta, and some cream cheese, salt/pepper, and nutmeg (I don’t put onions in). Add in four to six beaten eggs … depending on the size of the dish. Mix thoroughly and put in the middle of the filo. If you’re a get on with it cook, you’ll adjust. I just love this dish. The nutmeg is the thing … but it’s Moorish!”

Since I had never cooked with filo previously, I found it easier to keep the pastry sheets whole and make one big spinach pie. I didn’t precook the spinach, added the onion back in, used olive oil instead of butter, and increased the cooking time to one hour. (Hilary did mention that this recipe was best for “Get On With It Cooks!”) She was right about the nutmeg. The combination was amazing! This is something that I would never have made without a little ‘blogging inspiration.’ Richard has already requested for this dish to be part of our regular dinner repertoire,

Mona’s Tikka Masala Naan Pizza

Mona originally found this recipe in ‘O Magazine.’

“4 garlic or plain naan bread
2 cups cubed butternut squash, cooked (frozen works well)
3 cups packed baby spinach (or kale, collard greens, beet leaves)
1 cup jarred Tikka Masala sauce
1 cup drained, rinsed chickpeas
1/2 cup crumbled feta cheese
3 cups coarsely chopped spinach.

Stir spinach into Tikka Masala sauce. Spread evenly over naan bread. Top with squash, chickpeas, and cheese. Bake at 425F until edges are crisp, ten to fifteen minutes. Top with fresh spinach.”

I already had all of the ingredients in my fridge/pantry…except for the butternut squash. Instead of rushing out to the store, I replaced the squash with fresh mushrooms and tomato slices. I would never have believed that I would like chickpeas on my pizza. Combined with the Masala sauce…they were brilliant!  In addition, chickpeas provide an excellent source of protein, fiber, iron, B-6, and magnesium.  Good thing that I made enough for seconds!

Wait, There’s More!

So far, I have only made three of the recommended recipes. There were many other suggestions that I look forward to checking out soon. These include: Susan’s Caulimash, Chickpeas and Spinach à la The Widow Badass, Ally’s Brown Rice and Corn Patties, Terri’s 15-Bean Chili Soup, Anges’ Rice and Mock Ground Chicken Wrap,  Liesbet’s Vegetarian Frittata, Pam’s Mac, Cheese & Broccoli, Louise’s Buddha Bowls, S.G’s Red Lentil, Tomato, Spinach and Chard as well as Homestyle Chana Masala shared by Donna P. of Retirement Confidential. You can read more about these suggestions in the comment section of my original Meatless Meals post.

If you have additional recipes to share, I would be delighted to check them out. I promise not to turn this site into a food blog….that would be way too much work…and far beyond my photographic skills!  🙂




66 thoughts on “Meatless Meals – Bloggers’ Style”

  1. If you eat fish I like kedgeree made with rice, chopped boiled eggs, smoked mackerel, and a mild curry sauce such as a korma.


    1. Hi, Anne – Thank you for this suggestion. I love fish, and also like mild curry sauces. My Meatless Dinner Challenge was for February. Although I plan to retain much of my meatless cooking, I will also add fish and lean meats back into some of my cooking. I have already Googled some recipes for Kedgeree and look forward to trying it out. (


    1. Hi, Leanne – Although I have softened ‘somewhat’ in retirement….my defining personality trait is that I am usually “all in” or “all out”. Being all in on this challenge had its definite advantages. Thank you for allowing me to share in on #MLSTL. (I promise to now return back to non-recipe posts). Remembering to take pictures while I was cooking was exhausting. I don’t know how Food Bloggers do this non-stop!


      1. Hi, Leanne – This is so kind of you to say! I think that true food or fashion bloggers are driven by passion, just like we are driven to tell our stories. It’s not work when it is something that you truly love!


  2. These look delicious, Donna. You met the Meatless Meals Challenge heads on and are doing so well with your meal planning and cooking. Have you experienced any difference with your weight or energy level since you’ve been eating more veggies and meatless?


    1. Hi, Natalie – You always ask the most insightful question. Richard has found that he has definitely lost weight….without even trying….and without feeling hungry. And we both just feel better — likely psychological — but every edge counts! 🙂


  3. I’m inspired. I really like this follow-up and how the recipes worked for you ! It’s one thing to offer up recipes, it’s another thing to share about the nitty gritty process of cooking and eating, what worked and what didn’t! I’ve got two baked sweet potatoes in the refrigerator and I want to spice them up for my evening meal and use ingredients already in my pantry and refrigerator. Maybe I will make a vegetable medley and put it over a mixture of brown basmati rice, wild rice, black rice, quinoa ! (I throw all the rices together for interest and maximum nutrition) . As mentioned, it’s got to be fast and easy in my world ! Ha ha! Unfortunately, garlic and onions and certain spices tend to bother my stomach so my receipes tend to be a little bland and boring— my go to spices are very basic: pink salt, black pepper . I also don’t know what I would do without my organic virgin olive oil. It adds the flavor I need without upsetting my stomach! Well, enough of that 😅

    This was fun to read, Donna, thank you!


    1. Hi, Susan – I’m glad that you found this post to be inspiring. I was very appreciative of all of the recipe suggestions that were left. Although, I frequently do not use recipes for cooking, it was wonderful to have “go to” cooking suggestions from blogging friends. That really made a difference — especially when being far outside my cooking comfort zone (e.g. filo pastry, and chickpea pizza). Your dinner plans for tonight sound healthy and delicious!


      1. Good for you Donna! For supper today, hubby and I are having veggie spaghetti with a loaded salad (romaine lettuce, spinach, baby kale, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, carrots, raisins, and walnuts).

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  4. These sound great and I love that they are kitchen-tested by you. I tend to follow recipes (at least for the first go around), but I’ve gotten a lot more brave and experimental in my old age. I think these three are definitely worth a try, and I’ll take a look at the others you’ve listed. Thank you for putting this together!


    1. Hi, Janis – I agree the “kitchen-tested” part was very reassuring for me when trying out these recipes. I am usually TERRIBLE at following a recipe exactly, so I always included some minor variations. I definitely recommend giving them a try!

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  5. I love baking Spanakopita (Greek Spinach Pie), which to be honest I haven’t done for quite a while. Kitchen tested before sharing is a fab idea, and more will likely try it than not. I on the other hand never usually follow recipes!! Unfortunately, that method of cooking does have one major downfall as it is hard to repeat a successful formula:-)


    1. Hi, Kim – Thanks so much for stopping by. Cooking vegetarian dishes for people who are expecting meat, can be a real challenge. Could you make yourself an easy but delicious veggie dish, along side your usual dish, and see if anyone takes the bait? It’s always worth a try!

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    1. Hi, Sue – I’m glad that you liked the recipes. If was fun getting recommendations from other bloggers — and then try to recreate them myself.
      The curry can be easily made without the tofu. I have had spanokopita before (in Greek restaurants) but had never tried to make it myself. It was much easier than I would have guessed. I had never even heard of Tikka Masala Naan Pizza. I was actually a bit afraid to try it — but loved every bite!


  6. Yum! All three look delicious! I might give them a try. I’ve been looking for some meatless recipes so good timing. I look forward to seeing your next meatless meals post! 🙂


  7. Thanks for some lovely and simple veggie recipes. I’m always looking for delicious recipes without meat. My go to is always a super salad or couscous with as many salady-things as possible chopped into it. But your recipes today have given me lots of new ideas. Thank you. Shared on SM and coming from #MLSTL.


  8. Hi Donna – thanks for posting the Spanokopita almost centre stage with the wonderful photo at the top … well done is all I can say and I’m so pleased that Richard approved and you found it reasonably easy to do – great news.

    It was recommended to do the scoring (lightly through the top one or two sheets) so it cooks more easily … and the sprinkling of water was to make sure it didn’t completely curl or dry up in the cooking. The scoring is at the end … last thing is the sprinkling of water …

    The dish can be a good party dish – slice the finished one into bit size pieces or larger rectangles – let sit and settle – then all good – hot or just warm …

    The onions are personal – onions tend to appear in most dishes and this one I don’t bother with …and glad it worked without pre-cooking the spinach … I use frozen chard spinach as the other stuff is way too watery – hence with the frozen I can squish it all out … also can have the ingredients in stock …

    Sorry – that’s elaborated the story … now I must try Anabel’s Thai style curry … as too Mona’s Tikka Masala Naan pizza … each looks delicious …

    Well I see you’ve a few more recipes to work through and then entice us all with … but am so pleased mine came to the fore and was a successful … I’d like to use the word ‘trumps’ – but am rather put off now-a-days …

    Thanks so much for trying and succeeding with my suggestion – cheers Hilary

    PS I do sometimes add a little cayenne in – to spice it up a little … but very little! It’s also good with chilli jelly …

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    1. Hi, Hilary – Thank you for the additional suggestions and clarifications. l didn’t score the top, but I did press all around the edges, and sprinkled some cold water on top immediately before cooking. I was very happy with how it turned out — especially for a first try. I agree that a small hint of cayenne would be delicious as well. I will definitely add that next time. Thanks again!

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  9. Some great inspiration here! I found a pasta with an avocado pesto that I’ve pinned to make when I get back from Sydney…Really must do at least one meatless meal a week – you’ve inspired me.


  10. Hi Donna,
    I am so sorry not to have posted a recipe for you. I’ve been distracted with the trip here to snowy Michigan to care for my brother after his cancer surgery…I’ve not kept up with blogging things at all! I have a great corn chowder that you will love. Promise I will get it to you…


  11. Wow these look amazing,Donna! I recently found a carrot/ginger soup and substituted the coconut milk with tofu (courtesy of Weight Watchers). I got too busy this week to make it…maybe this weekend! A whole cup is about 50 calories!


  12. Love Greek food. We have Greek cleaners where I work and they sometimes bring in different Greek biscuits. Love how you ask for suggestions and as they say “the internet provides”. If I ever get blog 2 started it will have a food component. I should really say when. When …. Louise

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  13. Hi, Louise – The internet definitely does provide…often in spades!!
    I am thrilled to see you mention your Blog 2. I love your original blog but am also greatly looking forward to your second one. Good luck!


  14. Donna, you are too modest about your food photography. The food and the pictures of it look excellent. Another possible career choice???? Also, I caught sight of that 20 year old tawny port – now that’s a way to make a meal!



  15. Great suggestions with some new combinations of ingredients. Kudos to you Donna, for make the spanakopita. I made it once about 15 years ago and very labour intensive. I need to wean myself off our recent wine and cheese holiday mode. I will check out the other recommended recipes. I think I saw cheese add to some, so all is not lost. Your photographic skills are great, Donna! I am drooling.


  16. Hi, Erica – I am in complete agreement. All is never lost when there is cheese (or chocolate)! Thank you for your kind words. The Spanakopita was not as challenging to make as I had feared. Then again, I did cut corners whenever I could. I made one huge dish of it instead of individual pieces. I also didn’t precook anything — just chucked it all in and hoped for the best. The last week and a half we have been out of town or having dinner out with friends, so our healthy diet routine has been entirely shot. Now, back to reality….and back to that list of suggestions from others!


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