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What’s on Your Plate? Your Ideas are Kindly Requested!

What: A Virtual Dinner Party.
Where: Deb’s Blog, The Widow Badass.
How: Share a breakfast, lunch, appetizer, dessert or dinner idea.
Why: Spread inspiration and shake up our meal routines.
When: The first Wednesday of every month (beginning April 7).
Who: Cohosted by Deb and Donna. We hope that you’ll join along.

To start the ball rolling, I shared my current favourite cooking secret: Tex-Mex Flavour Bombs! They are quick and easy to make. They stash easily in your freezer. And they are a real lifesaver when you mumble ‘What in the heck I’m I gonna make for dinner tonight?’ Pasta, stirfry, fajitas, chilli…no problem. These flavour bombs are bound to shake up your dinner routine in less than half the time and with much less fuss.

So, what are you waiting for? Drop by Deb’s and share what ideas you would like to see in this series. Comments are turned off here, so I’ll meet you there!

By popular demand, here is a quick pick of the Flavour Bombs all ready to do their thing. They honestly are not as spicy as you might think. If you would like extra heat just add 2-3 bombs to your dish.

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