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Postcards from An Island Walk

In a previous post, I mentioned that Richard and I were preparing to walk 140 kilometres of Prince Edward Island’s Camino, The Island Walk. We have now arrived in Charlottetown and are ready to begin walking tomorrow until May 30.

Due to the nature of this hike, I will take a short break from my regular blogging activities. Sadly, I will miss the upcoming What’s On Your Plate and Word of the Year linkups. The links ups will continue with my cohosts. I encourage you to check them out here: Deb, Sue, Jo, and Debbie.

Not to be a complete slacker, my current plan is to send brief ‘postcards’ from this adventure as time, energy and available wifi allow. I will also post to Instagram (she says with confidence).

Here is today’s postcard from Charlottetown. We stayed at the Rodd Royalty which included hot breakfast and easy access to both the airport and the trail. It also has an indoor pool. Tomorrow we hike to Mt. Stewart (32 km).

Yesterday I wore a tank top and shorts. Today I wore a fleece, long pants, raincoat and toque. Good thing that our backpacks were prepared for a variety of weather options.

The lunch photo is from The Gallery Cafe (downtown). Prices are reasonable, bread is homemade on site and there are plenty of vegan options. I highly recommend it.

Did you spot “Connolly” on the Churchill Arms building? I felt right at home!

Thank you for following.

32 thoughts on “Postcards from An Island Walk”

  1. So exciting! You could do blog stories instead of posts. Quicker. Looking forward to what you can post when you can. My plan is to bike this route so watching closely once you get home and do some follow up. Take care, have fun and live in the moment. We will allatull be here! Bernie

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  2. Hi Donna, You’re a pro at packing light, hiking and blogging while traveling. Beautiful photos and yes, I spotted “Connolly”. Have a wonderful walk! I look forward to your updates.

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  3. Have a great walk. Ironically we just left PEI a week ago today, and as we speak are at a hotel in Beloeil, QC, on the way back home from Grand Manan, NB. Ironically when we visit PEI we never go to Charlottetown. We stay in Summerside and fan out from there to all the natural areas.

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  4. I’m so excited for you both to be out doing what you love to do. Enjoy every minute – come rain, hail or sunshine! I’m just sorry that Richard didn’t have enough room in his backpack for his top hat – he must have felt very underdressed while chatting over coffee with his friends! 🙂

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  5. Hi Donna – great that you’re visiting PEI … your first day portends lots of interesting highlights … have fun – gorgeous photos … cheers Hilary


  6. It all sounds wonderful Donna! I love that shot of Richard talking to the statues, Grant does that sort of thing all the time when we travel anywhere! Enjoy it all, I can’t wait to follow along with you both.

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  7. Hello Donna, I thought this the most appropriate more recent post to choose to share my news.
    Guess what? I am currently packing and training for the Camino Frances in early September. We are flying into Santiago from London and then catching buses and a taxi out 140KM to walk back in. We are going to see our daughter in London for the first time in two and half years. She is coming too and our daughter here in Melbourne decided she didn’t want to miss so she is coming too. So its family affair, lucky hey? The trail seems very busy with alot of accomodation booked out.

    I hope you and Richard are both well. I checked your packing tips to help with the first “draft” of my pack. Like you I like weighing everything. We are also spending some time in London and flying to Sicily for 4 nights for a wedding. I feel very fortunate. Louise


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