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Postcards from An Island Walk, Day One

Day One:  Charlottetown to Mount Stewart 
Distance Walked: 37 km (Google Maps lists this walk as 32 km if taking the Confederation Trail most of the way. As our accommodations were trailside, we took the trail the full way. The photos below reveal why.)

The terrain was flat and meticulously maintained throughout. The signage was excellent as were places to sit along the way. Halfway through was a super clean pit toilet. (The teacher in me could not help giving this trail an A+!)

To shorten the walking distance betwern Charlottetown and Mt. Stewart, Google Maps offers a roadside route that it claims is 29 km. There are also $2 bus options throughout the island. (We didn’t take the bus but were grateful to have this as a backup option). 😀

* If walking this full trail be sure to pack adequate food and plenty of water.

Bishop’s Rest (Mt. Stewart)
Mt. Stewart Population: 226

After a huge hiking day, we were grateful to stay at this remarkable Bed and Breakfast. Ben and Sarah have truly thought of everything. A washer and dryer was included in our room. A wide range of dinner, drink and dessert options were also available. From what we sampled, we highly recommend taking advantage of this option!

Tomorrow we hike to St. Peters. Google says this will be a ‘mere’ 22 km day. But as we’ve learned, Google sometimes likes to fib!

See you then!
This just in: Apparently my Fitbit was impressed…and is now looking for a raise! 🙂

25 thoughts on “Postcards from An Island Walk, Day One”

    1. Oh wow – your walk looks amazing. I’m sure having such a scrumptious meal and cosy bed at the end makes it a much more enjoyable experience too. Good luck

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  1. Well done on the amazing first day and blogging about it too (it reminded me of when you did the AtoZ with the Camino Trail – what an effort!) It all looks amazing and the BnB was the perfect end to a long day. I’m quite envious of you atm!

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  2. Hi Donna – that’s just brilliant and an A+ for it all … sounds like it should have been more than an A+ … but stunning views and story line ..loved the photos … and I think I’d have stayed on in the B&B – sounds perfect! Cheers – so pleased you’re having happy times … Hilary

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  3. Love hearing of your adventures. Pics are great, fill of colour. Got me wanting to go to PEI.
    Happy trails


  4. The photos are beautiful. I love the yellow meadow flowers, the creek and the lovely trail. I’m also enthralled by the feature photo of rusty train (?) cars. Your posts are great; we’ll understand if you need to skip a day!

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