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Postcards from An Island Walk, Day Two

Day Two:  Mount Stewart to St. Peters.
Distance Walked: 27 km. (The trail was likely 23 km. We veered off in Morrell for lunch and took a few more steps during our daily routine.)
Terrain and Scenery: Gradual 40 meter climb during first 7.5 km. Old bridges, vast fields, white clapboard churches, spectacular water views.
Noteworthy: St. Peters is the new home for The Canadian Center for Climate Change and Adaption.
Accommodations: Points East Coastal Inn
St. Peter’s Population: 231

I’m sitting in this gorgeous reading room overlooking St. Peters Bay. Once again, we are thrilled with our trailside accommodations. Here is a small peek at our room, and my current view. Hosts Rodger and Sarah have been warmly welcoming…and it’s Rodger’s birthday today!

Throughout our walk, we were spoiled with endless stunning scenery. If you get the chance to visit just one section of The Conferation Trail, St. Peters offers breathtaking water views.

Walk with us for a bit. Here is how today’s hike evolved (in reverse order because WordPress is trying to mess with my mind!)

Right now we are off to the famous Rick’s Fish n’ Chips ( Don’t believe the famous part? Visit the above link.

Tomorrow we hike to New Zealand. We hope that you will continue to join us there.

After Dinner Update:

The fish was just as delicious as Rick promised it would be!

20 thoughts on “Postcards from An Island Walk, Day Two”

  1. I am following your walk with interest. Sooner or later I hope you will get to parts of the Island familiar to me. We plan to go back there again next year and will explore more of the eastern part of the province, in addition to returning to our favourite locations. I am impressed with the distances you are covering. Stay well and keep on walking!

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  2. New Zealand??? Love the look of the trail and your accomodation – I wouldn’t want to leave that little sunroom nook. I love how we can join in vicariously 🙂

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  3. Hi Donna, I’m glad to see you’ve had good weather for walking. The views and the inn look gorgeous and Rick’s fish and chips look delicious. I remember the red sand/ soil in PEI. Have a wonderful Day 3 tomorrow!

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  4. Hi Donna – definitely promoting the trail … gorgeous photos, delightful accommodation – the delicious looking fish and chips – so pleased the weather is kind. I’d happily read for hours in one of those chairs! Cheers – Hilary

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