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Postcards from An Island Walk: Day Three

Day Three:  St. Peters to New Zealand
Distance Walked: 23 km
Terrain and Scenery: Picturesque forested section of the Confederation Trail with beautiful Larkin’s Pond Wildlife Management Area.

Today’s Update: When I left you last, Richard and I were enjoying a delicious halibut dinner at Rick’s. Since then, this happened:

Sunset at St. Peters Bay
Complimentary Breakfast at Points East Coastal Inn.
This family of Canada Geese were busy sunning themselves until we walked by and they decided to skedaddle!
Today’s trail was mostly flat with some gradual, rolling ups and downs.
Because there were several areas like this…
We prepared like this and all was good. “Look Ma, no bites!”
We ate lunch at this Wildlife Management area where fish were jumping and ducks came dropping by.
There were numerous pops of colour along our way.
A few kilometres before our final destination, I was relieved to see this.
Until I saw this!
No worries. This sign meant that we had reached New Zealand Road where Sandy from Siren’s Beach Motel had arranged to pick us up.

Accommodations: Siren’s Beach Motel Siren’s offers an ‘Island Walk Package’ that includes accommodations, breakfast, restaurant gift card, free laundry facilities and transportation options. The transporation option made it possible for us to spent four nights in the same place (glorious!), be picked up at the end of our walking day and dropped off to that exact same spot the next morning. The rooms are themed, fun and funky.

Here’s ours (The Captain’s Den).
Which wonderfully includes this:
As well as room service dinner!

Thank you for following along. I’ll see you tomorrow. The trail options from here sound splendid!

My sincere apologies for not answering comments on these island posts or maintaining my regular blog reading/writing. I have read and greatly appreciated every comment and will continue to do so (they are very motivating). I will resume my regular blogging schedule once I return home.

24 thoughts on “Postcards from An Island Walk: Day Three”

  1. Hi Donna, Sunset on Day 2 and Day 3 walk are both beautiful. The net and the motel transportation options are fantastic ideas. Have a wonderful evening and Day 4 walk!

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  2. The breakfast at Points East Inn looks great, and I can taste Rick’s Fish and Chips from here! The washrooms were locked?! I’m on that and it will be fixed. Your room at Siren’s looks very cool, and the fireplace?! Brilliant! Thanks to Sandy and Liz for providing transport. 🙂

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  3. Congratulations on another great day, and a wonderful narrative to keep us all in the know. You guys deserve all the credit in the world.

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  4. New Zealand Road, Donna?? Been following your hike, sounded great. You’ll have to come ‘down under’ one day, you wouldn’t know how to choose one because of the amazing variety of walks! 😊
    Hope this finds you well, love Jenni T


  5. Hi Donna – absolutely no worries re visiting us or replying to my comments – I’m thoroughly enjoying travelling with you – and rather wish I was there! Looks like it’s being a great time so far … and yes four nights in the same place makes sense. Well done on the mozzie nets – fun to see – cheers Hilary

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