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Kind Words

良言一句三冬暖 "One kind word can warm three winter months." Chinese Proverb I've been feeling yucky. Nothing specific. As colds, flu and many other ailments have been going around this time of year, my mind became overactive with possible causes for my affliction. I woke up this morning completely sapped of energy, despite a full night's… Continue reading Kind Words

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“Hi, Honey, I’m Home…Forever!”

There are endless quips regarding marriage and retirement. "When you retire you switch bosses – from the one who hired you, to the one that married you." (Gene Perret) “When a man retires, his wife gets twice the husband and half the salary.” (William Mitchell) "A married husband is often a wife's full-time job." (Ella… Continue reading “Hi, Honey, I’m Home…Forever!”

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Enter If You Dare!!

When hiking the trails at Cameron Lake, on Vancouver Island, I came across several old cabins which made me pose the questions: Would you enter? Or dare peek inside? Uninvited? Today? Even if you knew that hauntings, the ghost of Grandpa Bonney, the Cameron Lake Monster and Sasquatch sightings have all been reported in this… Continue reading Enter If You Dare!!

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Retirement: Am I Still Transitioning?

A year and a half ago, my husband and I took the ‘leap of faith’ into retirement without a clear map of what we wanted our post-career life to look like. We did follow our plan to relocate to Vancouver Island. We have also been spending much time with family/friends, enjoying our grandchildren, meeting new… Continue reading Retirement: Am I Still Transitioning?

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Ties that Bind

There are things that I am afraid to put into writing for fear of making them too real. For this week’s post, I had planned to write a lighthearted self-reflection on something or other. Then the past few days happened. Without going into specifics, these days have been tough beyond measure. All lightheartedness instantly evaporated.… Continue reading Ties that Bind

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Retirement Responsibilities

So far, I’ve written a fair amount about the perks and freedoms of retirement. Without a doubt, the list of retirement pros is long. However, I would be neglectful not to portray the flip side. As the famous saying goes: “Freedom makes a huge requirement of every human being. With (great) freedom comes (great) responsibility."(Source) … Continue reading Retirement Responsibilities

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What Has Your Dog or Cat Done for You Lately?

When I was cleaning up some of my digital photos this past week, I ran across the above baby picture of our dog, Cody. He is such a handsome dog (truly, see below) that I had forgotten what an incredibly adorable pup he was as well.  I stared fondly at the photo, lost in nostalgia. … Continue reading What Has Your Dog or Cat Done for You Lately?

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Retirement: Everyday Is Saturday–Or Is It?

My husband started it! Early in our retirement, he threw down the gauntlet and wanted us to preserve defined weekends. I pouted…just a little bit…okay, a lot! For years I had been totally sold on the concept that during retirement every day would be Saturday (or Sunday). To me, it was now like saying there… Continue reading Retirement: Everyday Is Saturday–Or Is It?

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Recently, I have found myself pondering some of life’s small, yet troubling mysteries. I’ve just finished doing the laundry, and you’ve read the title, so you already know where I am going to start. You guessed it, What in the heck happened to my other sock? Since we’ve retired, my husband and I have both… Continue reading SOLVING LIFE’S LITTLE MYSTERIES–LIKE ‘WHAT HAPPENED TO MY OTHER SOCK?’

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Reflections on the Power of Friendship

We sat beside each other in Grade 9 Science class--not because we were magnetically drawn to each other--rather because our teacher had seated us alphabetically. With different family backgrounds and very different life experiences, we had little in common. Despite these differences, we became extremely close friends. At the end of Grade 12, she left… Continue reading Reflections on the Power of Friendship