Seize life
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Seize Life

On a warm summer’s evening last June, Richard and I gathered at a nearby beachfront enjoying drinks and appetizers with others who had recently moved to Vancouver Island. The air vibrated with everyone's excitement with their new (or relatively new) surroundings. As most of us had finally reached retirement, the air was also filled with… Continue reading Seize Life

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Reflections on Christmas 2016

I was hesitant to fully engage in this holiday season. There were noticeable absences in our recent family photos. I forced myself to decorate. I forgot to download my Christmas music. I let Costco do my baking. The festivities that I had always embraced so naturally didn’t feel the same as they had before. I… Continue reading Reflections on Christmas 2016

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With Heartfelt Gratitude

"Grief is love with no place to go." Helen Macdonald Less than one month ago, my husband and I sat atop a cliff in Mt. San Jacinto, just outside of Palm Springs. Surrounded by friends, health, adventure and each other, we were acutely aware, and immensely grateful, that our lives were deeply blessed. Days later,… Continue reading With Heartfelt Gratitude

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Ties that Bind

There are things that I am afraid to put into writing for fear of making them too real. For this week’s post, I had planned to write a lighthearted self-reflection on something or other. Then the past few days happened. Without going into specifics, these days have been tough beyond measure. All lightheartedness instantly evaporated.… Continue reading Ties that Bind