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Second Acts & Self-Reinvention

Way back in January, when threats of the 'new Coronavirus' barely registered for most of us, Leanne Le Cras asked me to write a guest post for her blog. Her focus was on what positive things I had been doing in my 'second act' (aka, life post-50). Little did I realize at the time, that my answers… Continue reading Second Acts & Self-Reinvention

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A Quest for Healthier Eating

When Sue recently asked me to share my top tip for ageing and living well, I thought this post would be a cinch. As it turned out - not so much! Richard and I are currently on a quest for healthier eating. So far, I have more questions than answers. In my guest post for… Continue reading A Quest for Healthier Eating

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Sunday Guest Post Series: Connections

Hi Everyone! Thank you to Donna for inviting me to join Round Two of this Guest Post Series. Isn't it wonderful to be able to connect with people from all over the world via the internet? Due to my blog, I 'met' Donna online. That likely would never have happened without the internet. Back when… Continue reading Sunday Guest Post Series: Connections

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Leanne from Cresting the Hill : ‘If We Were Having Coffee’

Donna has been kind enough to invite me to Guest Host for her again. I'm not officially a retired blogger, nor a travel blogger, so I can't fairly discuss either subject. Instead, I thought I’d try a different version of my 'If we were having coffee' post and provide a bit of an overview of… Continue reading Leanne from Cresting the Hill : ‘If We Were Having Coffee’

Guest Post: Snakes in the Grass
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Torrid Romantic and Sensual Escapades: A Retirement Primer

When Donna asked me to guest post for her blog, I have to admit my first immediate thought was, “well, there goes her credibility!” I am a devoted reader of Retirement Reflections, and Donna offers a mature and polished take on our collective post-career journey. So it does make you wonder why she wants to… Continue reading Torrid Romantic and Sensual Escapades: A Retirement Primer