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Would You Rather…?

Thank you to author and blogger, Jill Weatherholt, for inviting me to play ‘Would You Rather.’ I encourage you to visit her site to check out not only my answers but the answers of other bloggers as well (some had me laughing for quite a while)!

I look forward to seeing you there!

29 thoughts on “Would You Rather…?”

  1. What fun! Loved reading your answers even though I would pick Netflix over coffee any day of the week. 😉 Now, if it were a choice between tea and Netflix, that would be harder. And I’m with you all the way about community. Now that Clif and I have limited our driving because of the climate crisis, community is of utmost importance.


  2. I enjoyed reading your answers on Jill’s blog, Donna. I would have so much difficulty in answering all those questions because I’d want to answer either ‘both’ or ‘neither’! 😀


    1. Hi,Clare – For the first question my honest answer would have been ‘neither’. For the second quesiton my answer would have been a resounding ‘both please’! I am not a tv or netflix watcher but I would take the free Netflix for my husband, and the Starbucks for me. As for cooking or cleaning, I would take both for some of the time…and I’d love a nutritionist thrown in as well. 😀

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  3. Great heading photo, Donna! I completed my ‘Would you rather’ draft a few weeks ago, since I knew we would have a flurry of activity and visitors in the next while. It was more of a challenging experience than I expected. Although, fun. Publishing date is mid April. I love reading all the answers and learning more about the bloggers. I was pleased to learn more about you, Donna. I am very glad we both live in this beautiful corner of our planet! xx


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