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December Reads

A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens: It's that time of year again. The season wouldn't be complete without rereading A Christmas Carol. I find something new to love about this Dickens classic every single time. This year, I listened via audiobook. I couldn't help but banter with the narrator. "Marley was dead.""How dead was he?" "Deader… Continue reading December Reads


What’s In Your Slow Cooker? #askingforafriend

Advantages of Slow Cooker Meals: I am a huge fan of using a slow cooker all year round. The big draw is that I can get dinner prep out of the way early, set it and forget it. The slow cooker does all of the heavy lifting. Long, low temperatures help flavours to pop and… Continue reading What’s In Your Slow Cooker? #askingforafriend

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What’s Been On Your Calendar?

Thank you to all who have followed our monthly#2022wotylinkparty. If you joined in, we hope this link-up helped you stay accountable to your WOTY or intentions…it certainly did for the four of us. We still have one more WOTY link-up for 2022, which is scheduled for 29/30 December. Why not finish your WOTY with a flourish? A New… Continue reading What’s Been On Your Calendar?

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Peace, Walking and Waterfalls

Guest Post By: Cynthia from I'm Thinking of Retiring Meet Cynthia Cynthia lives just north of Toronto. She retired from a fast-paced career as a Fire Chief (one of the few female Fire Chiefs in Canada at the time). In preparing for life beyond work, she created the site I’m Thinking of Retiring to share the immense… Continue reading Peace, Walking and Waterfalls


Confused About Book Rating Systems? Me too!

Ever feel confined by a five-star book rating system and wonder what the ratings actually mean? As it turns out, even major players in the book rating game mean different things when using the five-star system. For example, when comparing Goodreads' star rating definitions with Amazon's, we quickly see that Goodreads' three star-rating is Amazon's… Continue reading Confused About Book Rating Systems? Me too!


Cheater, Cheater, Turkey Eater!

October 10 was our Canadian Thanksgiving. This day fills me with enormous gratitude...and immense fear. Although I enjoy cooking and feel at home in a kitchen, I dread preparing the dishes that traditionally make up this meal. Every. Single. One! Don't get me wrong. I love eating a festive turkey dinner. I just don't like… Continue reading Cheater, Cheater, Turkey Eater!


What’s On Your Plate this October? Five Ingredient Immune Boosting Soup.

Looking for a quick, easy, healthy lunch with ingredients that you most likely have in your fridge, freezer and pantry? This was me recently when we returned from five weeks away, and I didn't feel like going to the store. Got frozen veggies, lentils, tomatoes, onion and soup broth (or reasonable substitutes)? Then you've got… Continue reading What’s On Your Plate this October? Five Ingredient Immune Boosting Soup.