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A Post that I Wrote for HomeExchange.com

After a home-exchange in Victoria this past August, I wrote a post about our overall Home Exchange experiences. I sent a copy of that post to HomeExchange.com. Consistent with my previous communication with them, their reply was prompt and personal. As they knew that my husband and I had an October exchange planned in Palm Desert, they asked if I would write about that experience for their November newsletter. The link to that publication is copied below. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if I can answer any questions about home exchange for you. I’d be happy to do so. I am not an official HomeExchage.com Ambassador, nor do I work for their company in any way. But I have been a member of HomeExchange.com for almost ten years and have been very satisfied with their services. Thank you for reading my article.


10 thoughts on “A Post that I Wrote for HomeExchange.com”

  1. I am amazed at how well that exchange worked out for you… it is like it was meant to be! As you know, my husband and I are intrigued with the idea of exchanging homes – it sounds like the perfect way to explore another area, not leave your home empty while away, and enjoy traveling at a reduced cost. Nice article!


    1. Thanks, Janis. We did our first ‘private home-exchange’ with an out-of-town friend who was an experienced home-exchanger. That really helped give us a practice run. If you would ever like to do an exchange on Vancouver Island, we would be most happy to exchange with you.


      1. The idea of doing a test run with friend is a good one. You speak very highly of your little island… so maybe that would be a good place to start!


      2. We LOVE Southern California so sounds like the perfect exchange to me! When you have a date in mind, just shoot me an email. We are usually very flexible with dates.


    1. Hi, Joanne – Thanks for reading, and for commenting. Like so many things, homeexchanging is not for everyone. My parents have stayed at five separate home exchanges with us and have loved every minute of it…but they would never exchange their own home. My husband and I have had one Airbnb experience, and although we recognize that millions of people love this, it just wasn’t for us. We may try with Airbnb again one day. In the meantime, we have had great experiences with HomeExchange.com and really appreciate the quick and proactive responses from the company. (I wrote to Airbnb about our experience and was not acknowledged by a reply). Donna


  2. I meant to post my comment here instead of the HomeExchange site… Oops!

    What a great experience, Donna. And, a well-written article. If only I had a home to exchange. 🙂 Actually, this house sitting is quite similar, apart from the exchange part. Instead of offering our house, we offer our care, love, time and alertness to the pets and homes of others, while living comfortable in a home like setting. I love how you have been able to experience different areas in depth with HomeExchange! The concert sounded great as well!


    1. Hi, Liesbet – Thank you for your kind comments. I agree that home-exchanging and house-sitting can be very similar. Home exchanging should ideally come with less responsibilities, but this is not always the case. It is really important for potential home-exchangers to check out ALL expectations first before making a firm commitment. I have only house-sat once before (a million years ago) but LOVED it!


  3. Home exchanging is such a great way to travel, why pay to stay in a hotel or rent somewhere when you can stay for free! As you say though it does not suit everyone but I would always urge someone to give it a try and swapping with a friend or an acquaintance is a great way to start.
    I always recommend to our new members who have yet to swap, to communicate lots with their potential swap partners prior to the actual exchange happening. This not only helps with the organisation of the exchange it also means both parties can get to know each other better, which can help to overcome any concerns.
    I would also recommend, if the idea of free accommodation appeals, but the idea of having strangers stay in your home when you are not there does not, to consider hospitality exchange where your swap partners stays with you when you are in residence and they reciprocate at a later time.


    1. Hi, Brian – Thank you for sharing these very insightful details about home exchanging. You offer great suggestions which I know will be very helpful to many, especially those considering trying home exchanging for the first time.
      Warmly, Donna


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