I’m Back (Kinda)

Thank you to all who are still reading after my six weeks away (and for those who stopped by my mid-break Guest Post for Joe Brunner.) I promise to write a catch-up post shortly sharing some of the things that have kept me on the go this summer.

First, I would like to thank Hugh Roberts for featuring me on his blog today. The timing of that blog feature is what originally set August 2 as the end of my technology break. Hugh and I would love for you to check out that post here.

August 2 is also my son’s 30th birthday. Yup, that’s him (number 896) featured above. Happy Birthday, Creighton!! (If you’ve missed my previous posts about him, you can catch two of them here and here).

I have built in extra time this week so that I can indulge myself in reading some of my favourite blogs that I have missed during my absence. As the hectic pace of summer has not yet decreased, my reimmersion into the blogging world may be slower than I had originally planned.

Hope to see you at Hugh’s. I look forward to catching up!

Doing my best to reduce my technology use: Here I am reading Jill Weatherholt’s newly released book, A Father for Bella. (Reviewed on Amazon and Goodreads).
Until I write that catch-up post…here are a few shots on my summer camera roll so far. More to follow!

36 Replies to “I’m Back (Kinda)”

  1. Welcome back, Donna! Oh my, I’m honored to be mentioned on your blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to read A Father for Bella and to write such a lovely review. That was so sweet of you. Great shot of your son! xo


    1. Hi, Leanne – Thanks for the welcome back! I never had any intention of abandoning the amazing friends that I have met in this corner of the blogosphere. I just need to figure out how to minimize my computer time (and technology frustrations) while maximizing the remarkable benefits that blogging offers. I’m off to visit your site now to catch-up on what I’ve missed. See you there!


  2. What is absolutely clear from looking at your photos is that you have spent your time embracing the company of those you love! And there is NOTHING more important than that! Not even the blog. So enjoy easing back into it…those of us who love your reflections are content to wait. Welcome back! ~ Lynn


    1. Thanks, Anabel – It was hard to choose just 16 photos (the maximum # for my collage builder). Definitely more to follow. I will be hiking in the Canadian Rockies soon. I tell everyone that I am thoroughly embarrassed that I have driven past them numerous times without ever stopping to hike them …. while friends from Glasgow have traveled all of the way here to do just that! I’ll keep you posted on that adventure.


  3. Nice to see a post from you. Glad you enjoyed your time away but happy to know you’ve returned to share your perspective on retirement.


  4. Welcome back, Donna! Great shot of your son, and collage of your summer fun so far. I didn’t get a notification of your post so I may have to re-subscribe. I’ll go to your guest post soon. Enjoy the majestic Canadian Rockies!


    1. Hi, Natalie – Thank you for the kind welcome back. Two things that I learned in my blogging absence and return. 1). I greatly missed my blogging friends (like you). 2) Jetpack still hates me! I have no idea why you, Hugh (and others) did not receive notification of this post publishing. Hugh unsubscribed and then tried to resubscribe….only to find that my subscribe button had been mysteriously removed (by Jetpack) as well! The Subscribe Button is now back so hopefully that will work for you, Hugh and any other readers who got unsubscribed as well. I’m off to your site now to catch up! See you there.


  5. Welcome back, my friend. I know you enjoyed your time away but I’m glad you will be appearing regularly again. I may have to join you (virtually, I mean) on your hiatus next year. Having some non-screen time sounds wonderful. I’m off to re-subscribe.


    1. Hi, Janis – I am so sorry that WordPress/Jetpack decided to randomly unsubscribe people from my site. When I checked last night, it looked like you were still subscribed (even though you weren’t). WP can be very tricky that way.
      Thank you for the welcome back. It feels good to be here. I look forward to catching up virtually and IRL. See you soon!


  6. I have your blog added in my Feedly reader. So, I will never miss your posts. Good to see you back, Donna. And, Happy Birthday to your son. 🙂


    1. Hi, Liesbet – I’m glad to hear that you bought Jill’s book. It’s a different genre from what I usually read. It was a very refreshing change, and I greatly enjoyed it! During my break, I also read books by bloggers Hugh Roberts, Kathy Gottberg and Terri Webster-Schrandt. All of these books I had been meaning to read for ages! Good luck with publishing your memoir. I greatly look forward to reading it.


  7. Looking at your camera roll, seems like you all are having a wonderful time. I’m still playing catch up, was away for over a month.


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