Hiking, Via Francigena

Day 6: Gracciano to Monteriggioni

Distance Walked: 13 km (4 hours including lunch break).

Monteriggioni is architecturally and culturally significant. It is known for its well preserved towers of its town walls and is referenced  in Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. The town attracts many tourists, pilgrims and non-pilgrims alike. For 4 euros, you can walk on small sections of the ancient city walls and enjoy the stunning views.

Accommodations: HOLIDAY HOUSE MARIA ASSENT – Piazza Roma 23, 53035 Monteriggioni (SI) 25 beds. Bunk bed in dorm: 20 euros per person with pilgrim credentials. Double Room with shared bathroom: 55 euros. Opens for new guests  at 2:30 pm. Kitchen use – Tel. 0577304214, 327 0655678casaferiesma@yahoo.it

Summary: Today we had the option of walking 13 km or 31 km. Feel free to call us slackers…we chose the 13! It was a beautiful walk, with very pleasant temperatures, continued stunning scenery and a delicious lunch in Stove. It was the kind of walk that leads to deep and meaningful conversation that so often eludes is in our busy world.

Here are today’s pics. The final photo shows volunteers putting up a Via Francigena sign post. We thanked them profusely. Note their IKEA bag!

Next Stop: Siena for a two-day stay!

Thank you again for following, for commenting and for putting up with my live, unedited posts!


40 thoughts on “Day 6: Gracciano to Monteriggioni”

  1. The last thing I would call you and Richard are “slackers”! Gosh, it looks so beautiful though, I bet it does make you think you could walk forever. Glad to see you two relaxed with an adult beverage, Donna. Cheers!


  2. Your photos show the natural beauty of this unique area. I certainly must make a plan to ditch my car for a few days and simply ‘walk’!


  3. Hi, Donna & Richard,
    Thoroughly enjoying your posts and pics.
    Take time to savour the countryside, food and experiences along the way. Rest assured, you are not slackers — 13 km, that’s work to me!!
    Enjoy and take care.


  4. Good choice for a lovely walk, Donna. I think you’ll love or at least enjoy Sienna. I remember the shell-shaped main plaza and the amazing interior of the Cathedral in Sienna. I’ll be away the next couple of weeks and won’t be blogging or commenting. I’ll catch up when I return.


  5. Hi Donna (& Richard),
    I’ve been following you…literally & figuratively! Do you feel the earth shuddering with my footsteps behind you? 😄 It seems our planets are aligning as I too will be in Siena on 8th! Maybe we could meet up for dinner? No problems if you have other plans. We can email to see if we can work something out.
    Happy trails…I’m in Gambassi Termi headed for San Gimignano.
    Tassie Karen 👣 🌏


  6. Hi Donna – all posts are great … as you say to Sam – it does sound like you’re having a wonderful time … and they’re fun to read and see – cheers Hilary


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