What’s Been On Your Calendar in March?

Let’s take a peek!

What’s Been On Your Calendar Lately?

That’s what’s been on my camera roll this past month. What’s been on yours? I’d love for you to share. If you are curious about any of the photos above, shoot me a question in the comments. I would be happy to provide more detail!

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66 thoughts on “What’s Been On Your Calendar in March?”

  1. You ate a lot of special looking food this month! I am sure you also walked or hiked it off. I love how you did the photos — Canva? I might just opt for that free trial month when we are in Europe so I have access to all the designs. Is it worth it? Glad you had a good month. I will be along shortly with my post; the good the bad and the REALLY UGLY. Bernie


  2. What a clever way to do this monthly post, I too look back at my photo roll to see what I’ve done but never thought to make it into a post! What a great way to share what’s been on your calendar. Enjoy time with your mum and your trip away xx


    1. Thanks so much, Debbie. Until I looked back on my camera roll, I hadn’t realized that my month was so food focussed (or at least that food had captured my camera so many times). Family + Friends + Food makes for a wonderful month. Enjoy your upcoming trip — super exciting!

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  3. Hi Donna – wow so much delicious food plus family and friends. It looks like you have had a perfect March! Thank you for sharing.
    Ps I love your photo of the link up hosts – beautiful!

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  4. What a clever and lovely way to put this post together Donna. It’s so good to see and I am glad you have had a great month…and will be anticipating your warm months ahead. We are into Autumn here and this weekend we “wind the clocks back”, Thank you for the link up!! Denyse


  5. This was like an Instagram blog post – lots of pretty pictures with a story to tell. I love how you think outside of the blogging box Donna – it’s always fun seeing you come up with new twists. x


    1. Thanks, Leanne – I was travelling when I prepared this post so it was fun to do something a bit different. It is also my last official post before my month long blogging break so it was a good way to use up my WOYP pics as well! 🙂


  6. Looks like a good month with lots of good food and social events! That was a lovely way to share your month, in photos. Perhaps I should give it a try! It could be a good way to kick off my photography again.

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  7. Nothing better than family, friends & food. This was a full month that has flown by. My youngest granddaughter (who turned 13 this month) had 2 ringette games within 2.5 hrs so off grandma went to cheer her on. I completed a scrapbook for her & I’m inspired to do more. That would involve taking more pictures. HMMM. There was a 50th wedding anniversary for my favorite SIL & her husband. My son & his family came for that. There was a memorial for a friend’s son who passed away 2.5 yrs ago from complications of duchenne muscular dystrophy. A friend flew in from Victoria. Truly, both were celebrations. My neighbor had a tonsillectomy & that required my babysitting services for her 21 mo old 4 days. There’s a reason we don’t have babies in our 60’s! Still, it was fun. There were phone & IRL visits with friends & cousins that involved coffee, crumpets, meals, walks, cards. Planning is underway for a cousin reunion this summer & another season of Home Routes concerts. So I guess I had family, friends & fun this past month as well. On the food front, I was introduced to a recipe for saskatoon BBQ sauce. I’ll save that for your WOYP post.


  8. I laughed when I saw your month. This month I documented my cat Gracie’s hairballs for the vet. Every. Single. One. It’s the only time I took consistent pictures and I’m sure my readers aren’t ready for that! 🙂


  9. I love the way you shared your calendar in photos, Donna. It looks like March was good to you. I especially love that photo of you and your mom.

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  10. Hi Donna – lots going on and I’m so glad you’ve been able to spend time with your mother and family … so pleased for you and now more travelling – take care and enjoy yourselves. The monthly March menus look delightful … cheers and see you in May – Hilary


  11. A beautiful collage, with all the precious things in life, Donna. I love it. Nice composition and nice summary of the month.

    I could never put a selection of photos together for one month, since I wouldn’t be able to pick and I’d have to go through around 1,000 photos (or more; I’m not counting) every single month. My camera is going berserk here in Colombia. 🙂


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