Aging Well

How Not to Die

I admit it. I've been jealous of the relationship that some people have with their cookbooks. I sense you grinning here, but it's true. Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, The Best of Bridge...they've all seemed to have chosen their prom dates, while I've sat on the sidelines longing. And that scene in Julia & Julia, where… Continue reading How Not to Die

Trying New Things

Meatless Meals Challenge

We've just returned home from Mazatlán, Mexico. Even though we consider ourselves to be (fairly) health-conscious and we (usually) eat and drink in moderation, all-inclusive resorts have a way of messing with any well-intended eating plan. Here's a sample of some of our meals and refreshments from the past week. Good thing we packed the… Continue reading Meatless Meals Challenge