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Please Stop By and Visit Me at Deb’s World

Thank you to Debbie for inviting me to Guest Host on her site while she is away. It is an honour to be filling in for her today. I enjoyed the thought-provoking questions that Debbie gave to me as a framework for this post.

While at Deb’s World, please have a look around. You will find travel, adventure, fitness, photography, great reads, new challenges and so much more (even poetry)!

I look forward to meeting you there!

Deb's World





11 thoughts on “Please Stop By and Visit Me at Deb’s World”

    1. Hi, Lynn- Thank you for reading ‘A Love Letter’. I greatly appreciate it. And yes, I definitely agree. Deb’s questions serve as an excellent tool to help us reflect on our blog sites. She’s very wise!


  1. Hi again Donna, well here I am, found my way over here and just read more about you on your About Page. Loved your interview with Deb too as you know. Cheers 🙂


    1. Hi, Miriam – Thank you so much for the visit. Going straight to the ‘About Page’ is a wonderful idea. I’ll meet you at your About Page shortly!


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