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Would You Take Fashion Advice From This Woman?

I am a huge fan of ‘Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond.’ It offers women over fifty excellent information that encourages and inspires them to live their lives to the fullest. It provides a balanced view of the highs and lows of retirement. It also gives tips on health, fitness, and positive aging. The author, Sue, regularly invites Guest Hosts to share their thoughts in specific areas.

Two months ago, I received a message from Sue asking if I would be interested in serving as one of her guests on a collaborative post on ‘Fashion Tips for the Holiday Season.’ Laurie from ‘Vanity and Me,’ and Linda from ‘Boots, Shoes, and Fashion‘ had also been invited to participate. Both Laurie and Linda have blogs dedicated to fashion and are respected experts in the ‘fashion over fifty’ field.

I double checked the message. Had Sue really planned to include me as a contributor to this post, or had there been a mix up in the message sending? Since retiring, my ‘daily uniform’ has consisted of yoga pants and long-sleeved t-shirts. What could I possibly contribute?

I checked with Sue. Yes, she had meant to include me. She is one brave woman!! But you know, as soon as I began writing (and I confess, researching) I was delighted to participate in this challenge.

I would love it if you could pop over to Sue’s site and read the full post. I look forward to seeing you there!

24 thoughts on “Would You Take Fashion Advice From This Woman?”

  1. First and foremost congrats on your blogging award!
    As always I enjoy your thoughts…..also the guest blogs have been very interesting. I thought you had excellent holiday advice…..keep on writing….


    1. Hi, Georgia – Thank you for your continued support. I greatly appreciate it. There truly should be an award for ‘loyal blog followers’. You’d be at the top of the list!!


    1. My pleasure, Sue. I tried to do a good job so as to not let you down — and so that you would invite me back again! 🙂 It was an honour to be featured on your site with both Laurie and Linda!


    1. Thanks, Debbie – I greatly appreciate you commenting here and visiting Sue’s site as well. It definitely is the season for Guest Posts! 🙂


    1. Thanks, Ally – Comfort is always key for me. That’s one reason that this black velvet LBD is my ‘go-to’ dress-up piece. It’s soft, comfy and well-suited to those who live in cooler climates.


  2. Donna! I love what you did with your post! The LBD is always a hit and you look stunning (read and commented on Sue’s post). For those who are not fashionistas, I appreciated your perspective. And by the way, you look wonderful in long tees and yoga pants! I loved Linda’s shoe advice too!


    1. Hi, Terri – Thank you for stopping by both here and Sue’s site. For me, there is nothing comfier than yoga pants and a long-sleeved t-shirt. But for dress up occasions, a LBD is perfect!


    1. Hi, Liesbet – Thank you for your comment here and at Sue’s site. I greatly appreciate your point of view. I hope that all is going well for you at your new house-sit.


  3. Great article. Like you, I’m happiest in my yoga pants 🙂 … but even I don’t wear them for Christmas parties.

    After having read this article, I think I need to elevate my game for Christmas 😉


    1. Thanks, Joanne – Last Christmas Morning I saw a couple walk to our local Starbucks in their pajamas. They looked so warm and cozy that I made it my goal for this year. Stay posted to see if I stick to it!


    1. Thanks, Lisa – I’m delighted to provide a morning chuckle…and I never want to be accused of providing ‘fake news’. 😀


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