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A to Z Challenge: Day Eight – “H”

‘H’ stands for ‘Hockey Sticks for Humboldt.’

During the past few days, Canadians have been putting out their hockey sticks to honour the Humboldt Broncos Junior Hockey Team. This past Friday, team members (including hockey players, coaches and support staff) were involved in a bus crash near Tisdale, Saskatchewan. Tragically, 15 were killed, and 14 injured. Since then, thousands from around the world have shown their support.

Richard’s and my four sons each played hockey growing up. This photo is of their four hockey sticks, now placed outside of our home.


Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those so deeply touched by this tragedy.


Sorrowfully, this is another reminder to seize your adventures today.

39 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: Day Eight – “H””

  1. I’ve done a lot of work in Saskatchewan and know the roads and the communities that have been in the news for the last few days. The roads are bleak and dangerous in the snow; the communities warm and connected despite the significant distances between them. When people say the entire province is affected, they mean it. I won’t be surprised if everyone in Saskatchewan will have known someone on that bus.
    It truly is a horrible tragedy. I didn’t know about the hockey sticks outside the houses. What a nice gesture of thoughtfulness and solidarity.


  2. Thank you for your kind words, Ally.
    I had a different post planned for today. This morning, when I read about this gesture of solidarity, I was deeply moved. I immediately stopped what I was doing to join the tribute. #PutYourSticksOut”.


  3. Hi
    I just wanted to say what a lovely tribute. I did not know people in Canada were doing this. Even though I know their families are suffering I hope what you are doing provides some comfort. Thank you for sharing.

    If you get a moment feel free to rummage around my blog. Hope you have a good challenge. Lu x


  4. This is the perfect “H” word for today.

    The outpouring of grief is a testament to how deeply the hockey culture is ingrained in the Canadian identity. It is a pain that is truly felt across the entire country.

    Our collective hearts are broken 💔


  5. What a beautiful tribute. I hope it brings some small measure of comfort to the families and communities affected to know that people care. Another incredible loss.


    1. Hi, Suzanne – There have been so many different ways that people have been showing their support for Humboldt. This past weekend, the Toronto sign in front of City Hall, the CN Tower, as well as both the Canadian and US side of Niagara Falls were lit in the team’s green and yellow. The Toronto Maple Leafs wore Broncos stickers on their helmets during Saturday’s home game. I believe that these gestures further tie our communities together, and show all affected that they are not alone.


  6. I was shocked by the news of the tragedy. It’s horrible, even though I don’t follow hockey and didn’t know any of the names – but such young promising lives cut short so suddenly. Very very sad.


    1. Hi, Kalpana – I agree that this is such a tragic story that deeply moved not only loved ones, but strangers as well. Upon hearing this news, my husband and I immediately called each of our sons….just to chat. I echo your words — very, very sad.


  7. I’m so sad hearing this news Donna but it’s a lovely tribute to those who lost their lives. My post about my crash just happened to go up on the same day which was a complete coincidence.


    1. Hi, Debbie – I had wondered about that. I wasn’t sure of the timing and if you had heard about this crash before posting your own credible story. When I heard about this tragedy, I immediately thought of you and your friends and schoolmates from all of those years ago.


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