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A to Z Challenge: Day Sixteen – “P”

‘P’ is for ‘Packing Up.’

Today we are packing up and heading home. We are leaving Boston with a pocketful of memories. Thankfully, everything fits back into our carry-ons…including purchases for our Grandchildren. I wonder if they will be able to tell where we’ve been? 🙂 Here are some highlights of our adventures the day after the marathon. Although it was still quite cold, it was much drier…phew!!



Special thanks to Shelley, from Destination Now, who recommended packing plastic bags and elastic bands to keep our feet and socks dry in the rain. It worked perfectly…and helped me to survive yesterday’s downpour. I just may have started a new fashion trend!



This wraps up our Massachusetts adventures. It was a phenomenal trip filled with much pleasure, purpose, perseverance and pride. We found Boston to be a very welcoming city and its people to be great ambassadors. Thank you to Rena and Howard for being outstanding hosts. It was wonderful spending time with them, and with our son. Richard and I are incredibly grateful.

42 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: Day Sixteen – “P””

  1. The plastic bags were a brilliant idea! I’ve used large garbage bags at race starts to keep dry/warm, but never thought about my feet. That’s a tip I’ll have to remember.

    Happy travels back home. It looks you are returning with great memories of time spent with your son. That’s the best 💕


  2. And you could frequent stores that put your purchases in different colours of plastic bags. I have some hot pink ones in my cupboard right now, and also some lime green. Colour-coordinated plastic bags to outfits and footwear. That really would start a trend, and an online business for you, Donna 🙂


    1. Hi, Janis – You are right about the cold and wet having the power to make us miserable. Although it was an exciting race….Richard and I each took extra long, extra hot showers once we returned to our friends’ home.


    1. Waterproof running shoes are a great idea, Ann. My Sketchers had been sprayed with silicone before I left home…but as they are quite open, I would have been totally hooped without the plastic bags. Lots for me to consider before packing for my next adventure!


  3. Gotta love the plastic bags. I’ll remember that for any winter travels I may have. Actually, since I just recently read your packing list. I put my shoes in plastic bags in my suitcase. So, one less thing for me to remember to pack. Good thing, cause my memory is shot.
    Looking forward to “Q”


  4. Sounds like a great time away. I also loved the pic (all of them) of well behaved women seldom make history and also the plastic bags in the shoes. I must keep that in mind, although it’s been very dry here and I’m just North of Sydney so we don’t get snow and so forth. I think it would be very useful for young school kids who get their feet wet on the way to school and would otherwise spend hours with wet feet.
    I am making my way through the challoenge. It was Picasso today, and I’m planning to get to the Art Gallery in Sydney tomorrow if I’m not a walking zombie.
    Best wishes,


    1. Hi, Rowena – I know what you mean about the ‘walking zombie’ part! I have become WAY behind on my blog reading since we have been in Boston. I look forward to catching up on your posts as soon as I am back home. I love Picasso and am interested in reading your letters to each other!


  5. Hi, Anabel – If my feet did rustle… I did not notice. Perhaps it was because the plastic bags used were quite smooth, and securely wrapped around my feet. Whatever the reason, this system worked brilliantly — I was very impressed!


  6. so glad it was a good trip! I have to ask – the plastic bags went on your feet inside your shoes? I don’t believe I’ve ever seen that before!!


    1. Hi, Lisa – On another blogger’s advice, I put the plastic bags inside of my shoes.It did mean that my shoes were soaking wet…but my socks and feet stayed completely dry. I hadn’t heard of that before either, but it did work!


  7. Hi Donna, Popped into your blog via the A to Z for the first time today. Boy am I inspired! having retired about a year ago my hubby & I are doing more travel, although we have always done adventurous trips, so others tell me. Love you picture montages. Where is the Grant Wood cut out??? The plastic bag idea is one to remember. We did a guided walk in Portland 2 years ago in the POURING rain. Waterproof jackets, but our pants were so wet they were falling off. Glad you are part of the challenge!
    Pulp Paper & Pigment-My Fiber Art Blog


    1. Hi, Linda – Thank you so much for stopping by, and for your kind words. Although the ‘A to Z Challenge’ has been hectic (especially trying to blog daily while traveling), it has been exhilarating. I have also met some awesome (new to me) bloggers. I am off to visit your site now!


  8. We used to use bread bags on our feet to keep them dry and warm when we went to football games. Your plastic bags are every bit as stylish, and I trust added a certain rustling sound to your walking.


  9. I am finally getting around to reading all the posts I missed while I was away. I have to say, this one cracked me up. Who would have thought – plastic bags on your feet! Love it. Film it and you might be the next Youtube sensation.


    1. Hi, Suzanne – Thanks so much for reading and commenting. The “plastic bag rain boots” were actually a suggestion from another blogger — Victoria from “Chitter Chatter.” It was a brilliant idea and ended up saving my feet that day!


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