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Day 2: Galleno to San Miniato Basso

Although we enjoyed yesterday’s walk, today’s hike reminded us about what we love most about the Camino. The scenery was lush and peaceful, and changed frequently. The majority of this hike was far away from traffic (and other people) making it incredibly meditative. All along today’s trail were Information Signs (as in the Feature Photo) pointing out unique geographical features/aspects of history. Here are a few pics of our views today.

San Miniato Basso: San Miniato sits at a historically strategic location atop three small hills overlooking the lower Arno valley. We decided to forgo the evening view and stayed at the bottom of these hills. We saved the climb until after we were replenished and rested.


Distance Walked:  19 km
Time: 6 hours (including two rest stops)
Accommodation: Ospedele Misericordia, San Miniato.
Address: Piazza Vincenzo Cuoco, 9 – San Miniato Basso.
Telephone: 0571419455.
Email: misericordiasmb@libero.it
Website:  www.misericordiasanminiatobasso.org 
Beds: 6 (bunk beds).
 According to the poster in our room, accommodations are free for all hikers who have the Pilgrim Passport. Anyone wishing to leave a donation must bring it to the front desk, during opening hours, and ask for a receipt.

Tomorrow begins with a 150 m climb over 2 km. Anticipated total is 26 km (feet willing)!

Thank you all for following, it means a great deal to me. My sincere apologies about my unedited posts and for my absence from the rest of the blogosphere. I promise to promptly correct both when I return home!

55 thoughts on “Day 2: Galleno to San Miniato Basso”

  1. Hello

    I’m happy to be able to follow along your pilgrimage to Santiago. From here on out, I think I’ll enjoy your commentary and photographs and not inundate you with comments.

    Happy Trails


    1. Hi, Laura – I am truly grateful for every single comment left. The generosity and friendship in this corner of the blogosphere never ceases to amaze me!
      I’m highly impressed that you are still reading and commenting during your blogging break!


  2. Such beautiful views, Donna. Thank you for sharing your updates and photos. They encourage me to add a Camino walk to my ‘to do’ list. Have a great day!


    1. I’m sitting outside at a small pub, drinking a Birra Moretti and catching the sun’s final rays. The blogging went much easier today (and restored my belief that I might be able to do this)! How many more sleeps for you and Joanne?

      Liked by 3 people

  3. With such beautiful scenery it must feel like you could walk forever. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, Donna. I do feel guilty that you’re doing all of the work! 🙂 Stay safe!


  4. Enjoying following you on your adventure. Love the pics! No apologies needed as you’re doing great blogging from your phone!


  5. “The majority of this hike was far away from traffic (and other people) making it incredibly meditative”

    This is my cup of tea!

    However, those bunk beds are a big NO. I’m very sensitive to mattresses and pillows making travel a bit problematic 😦

    Keep reporting even if you feel it’s imperfect. Your readers love it.

    Susan Grace


  6. Hi Donna – no need to apologise … if it was me – I’d be writing them up at Christmas 2019! Beautiful views … and lovely to know you’re away from traffic and people … must be just magical. Cheers Hilary


  7. I am so enjoying walking along with you on this amazing hike/pilgrimage. Meditative for sure. The beauty and silence are astounding. I think I could do this all — well, except for the bunk beds. I gotta say, after a long walk every day, I’d wish for a fluffy bed in a tall-windowed room and curtains flowing with a breeze and an easy café downstairs with cheese/bread/wine. (So now you know MY fantasy). 🙂 Enjoy and keep on sharing.


  8. Do not feel at all obligated to reply to my comments Donna. I am behind on reading your posts. As I mentioned, you and Richard are my reward:). Tranquil Day 2. Very helpful information signs. Wow!!! on the photos!!!


    1. Hi, Jude – For some unknown reason, your last two comments ended up in my moderation folder. That’s very strange because your other comments, even the ones from yesterday, went through perfectly. WordPress often works in mysterious ways!
      Thank you for this comment — I totally agree. There is no better way to see a place than on foot!


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