My Husband Returns Without His Pants On! We Were In For A Fun Time!

Thank you to Erica, from Behind the Scenery, for her detailed perspective, and fun photos, of our recent Bloggers’ Meet Up. If you haven’t yet checked out Erica’s blog, I highly recommend it!

Behind the Scenery

Chuck:  “What do you want for your birthday this year?”  Me: “Go for a Weekend Getaway and attend a Blogger’s Meet Up.”

Chuck gives me a puzzled look.  He does not roll his eyes at me.  One of the reasons we have been married forty plus years.  

Weekend Getaway

Donna and Richard  Blind Date   had kindly invited us to their home this Summer.  Donna had Blogging Buddies, Friends, arriving from out of town.  It would give us all a great opportunity to Meet Up and share many of the thoughts and challenges specific to the blogging and writing community.

I was excited!  I felt like I had already met these ladies, although not In Real Life. I had met them through following and reading their blogs. I already respected and admired them a great deal.  I knew we had…

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15 thoughts on “My Husband Returns Without His Pants On! We Were In For A Fun Time!”

  1. Thank you for the reblog, Donna. And especially, thank you for being you! We will likely all have different perspectives and takeaways from the actual meeting. I look forward to connecting again in the future🙂

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