Silent Sunday

How much of the story can you fill in from this photo?

65 thoughts on “Silent Sunday”

  1. I know about the lovely magazine article – and I didn’t notice you were in warmer weather gear because I’m in shorts and a tee shirt! But after the snow pic the other day, I have to assume you’re jetting off to warmer climes. x


    1. Hi, Lisa – I thought that you were out that way. Ann (The Unretired) asked this morning if we were getting together on this trip. I would definitely LOVE to….but the 40+ hour drive would be a bit daunting! I look forward to your next post.

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      1. I would have loved to ‘crash’ your anniversary celebration, but sadly we are headed even further in the oppositie direction – Tehuantapec today, Oaxaca City tomorrow, Puebla the next and so on as we land travel toward Puerto Vallarta. We had planned to sail there to meet friends on 30 Jan but winds kept the boat in the marina, but we’ve turned our disappointment into a multi-week roadtrip.

        I am certain that we have an in-person meeting somewhere in out future.

        PS. Last night I had a dream that I was wearing your cool hat πŸ˜‰

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  2. Hope as you are reading this comment you are basking beach side in the sun. Congratulations on the Woman’s World article. Not sure how often they publish, so hope I can still find the magazine with your article at the check out stands. Will go looking for it tomorrow. Apply the sunscreen liberally, and enjoy every warm, precious moment.


  3. You woke up in the middle of a dream-filled sleep with the words, “airport – NOW” in your head. You dressed, woke up your man and said, “we need to race to the airport. I don’t know why, but pack a small bag with shorts and t-shirts.” He said, “Huh? it’s 5 a.m.” “NOW,” you replied. When you two arrived, you followed your instincts to a kiosk where a magazine was waiting for you, with your name on it. You paid for it, opened the front page, and two tickets to Cancun were sitting comfortably there, with your names on it. Your man took your picture, and off you both flew to warmth, following your dreams.


      1. Thanks, Pam – I was hoping that some creative soul would do what you did. You excelled even my wildest hopes. And you were pretty close — except that we had booked 2 whole days before the flight! Enjoy your break. Come back soon! πŸ˜€


  4. Hi Donna – I remember you displayed one photo of the Mayan Riviera and mentioned your published work in WW in your previous blog post so no guess work from me πŸ™‚ Happy wedding anniversary and enjoy Mexico! For unknown reason, I didn’t receive notification of this post. It happened to me once a while ago and I had to re-subscribe. to your blog.


      1. Hehe, thanks for not kicking me out, Donna. My guess is a Google/ Gmail hiccup because WordPress still shows that I follow your blog. How do you like the water colours in the Mayan Riviera? I was in Cancun a while ago and loved the ocean shades of blue there.

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  5. Hi, Donna,
    By the time you read this you will probably be back in Vancouver Island but nicely tanned and rested. Your trip sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate an anniversary and an accomplishment. Congratulations on both. Joe


  6. Hi Donna – congratulations on your 20 years and also the article – what an extra treat. Sounds like a wonderful celebration a little down the coast in warmer climes. Still winter further north – but it’ll soon change and the great outdoors of the beautiful island will be there to enjoy. Take care – cheers Hilary


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